Ciara's Husband Russell Wilson Buys Mom a New House for Mother's Day (Video)

Russell Wilson just scored extra cool points for being an amazing son as he surprised his mom, Tammy Wilson, with a brand new home for Mother’s Day this past weekend.

Russell has a solid fan base, not just because he’s a Seattle Seahawks Quarterback who recently became the highest-paid NFL player, but because he’s a loving husband to singer Ciara and a doting father to their kids.

Now, there’s even more reason to love Russell. This past weekend, the football player appreciated his mother with the gift of a new home.

In a heartwarming Instagram post, he shared to Instagram on Monday, Russell, Ciara, and some other family members can be seen walking up to a house with Tammy.

“What’s this?” Tammy asked after Russell handed her a set of keys.


“It’s the key to your house,” the athlete repeatedly said while Tammy looked around in disbelief as if waiting for one of the other family members to tell her it’s a joke.

“You lyin'. Are you serious?! No, are you serious? Are y’all serious? For real?” she yelled. That’s not funny! No, no, no y’all lyin’! …I'm going to pee myself!”

Russell then goes in for a hug as his mother breaks down in tears.


The NFL star captioned the video with sweet words for his mom:

“All these years you have never asked me for anything... only thing you ever wanted is for me to LOVE. Well thanks for loving us the way you do. This ones [sic] for you. I love you momma.”

He then added the hashtags “Happy Mother’s Day” and “God Is Good.”


Russell’s gesture attracted positive remarks from fellow celebrities and well-wishers alike, many of whom could not help getting emotional as well.

“BRO. Wow. I’m not crying; you’re crying!!! Amazing,” gushed Justin Timberlake.

Retired NBA player Dwyane Wade echoed Timberlake while gospel singer Yolanda Adams commended Russell, saying:


Adams spoke the gospel truth, because not only did Russell have his mom shedding tears of joy, but he also did the same to his wife of two years.


Last Friday, during Ciara’s “The View” appearance to promote her new song Beauty Marks, her hubby surprised her with a video that brought tears to the singer’s eyes.

“Hey C, I wish I was there with you right now. I know the kids and I, we’re back here in Seattle, but we just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day,” began Russell in footage that featured their kids, two-year-old Sienna, and Future Jr., Ciara’s four-year-old son with rapper Future.


He continued:

“There’s no one better than you, you’re the sweetest woman in the world, you truly give us love, you truly give us light, you change the world, you make the world a better place, you encourage, you inspire and I’m grateful I get to be your husband. I just love you so much.”

The video then panned to the kids, with Future Jr saying: “I love you, you’re the best mom, and I love you so much, wherever you go, I still love you.”

Anyone still wondering why Russell scores the ultimate cool points?