Toya Wright Is 'Redefining Motherhood' with Baby Reign on Kontrol Magazine Cover

Toya Wright reveals how she is "Redefining Motherhood" as she goes through it again with Baby Reign Rushing. On the latest cover of Kontrol Magazine, she shares her new experiences and how it's changed her life for the better. 

Toya Wright was once known as Lil Wayne's girlfriend, who got pregnant at such a young age with their daughter, Reginae Carter. Through the years, people have seen Reginae grow up and transform into a beautiful woman, with her mom right by her side. However, her daughter revealed that it wasn't Toya who raised her. 

My mother didn’t raise me but she’s always been a loving mother.  My mom is the free sprit, go with the flow type.  I’m a little more structured when it comes to my life and my kids."

Aside from being Lil Wayne's ex-girlfriend and a young mother to Reginae, Toya became a household name in reality TV, and later on as the gorgeous mother to the adorable Reign Rushing. 

Redefining Motherhood 

Since it's been 20 years since she became a new mom, Toya shares that things have changed a lot when it comes to her parenting styles. 

“I was a little rusty.  It’s been 20 years but I’m loving it.  Things are so different this time around. When I had Reginae I was extremely young and didn’t know the first thing about being a mom.  I’m more experienced now.”

Of course, Toya's had to balance being a mom to two girls with filming her shows and being an entrepreneur. However, she's made sure to let people know that she'll never lose sight of what truly matters. 

“I think we should celebrate mothers everyday not just once a year. Give your mothers flowers while she can still smell them.  Shower her with your love as much as you can."

Celebrating Simple Joys 

With Toya encouraging people to celebrate Mother's Day every day, she also encourages moms to celebrate even the simplest milestones of their kids. Wright has always shared her daughter's milestones on Instagram, and it's something that she's been doing since Reign was born. 

Earlier this year, the proud mother shared a video of her little girl taking her first few steps. In the clip, reign takes a few steps from one bedroom to another, before falling down after losing her balance. Wright, who was so excited to see her little girl taking her first few steps without any guidance, let out a laugh out of excitement, as she is heard saying "She's walking!"

Since then Toya has always shared adorable photos and videos of her little girl, and it's something highly anticipated by their fans. 

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