Ayesha Curry Got 'the Most Botched Boob Job' During Postpartum Depression

Celebrity mother-of-two Ayesha Curry revealed how a postpartum depression led her to a bad decision.

Ayesha Curry has opened up about the postpartum depression she suffered after the birth of her second child in 2015.

The celebrity chef has revealed that she embarked on elective cosmetic surgery at that time, and it went horribly wrong.

"I didn’t realize at the time, but after having Ryan, I was battling a bit of postpartum that lingered for a while." Ayesha Curry


Like so many new mothers, Ayesha succumbed to the so-called baby blues after the birth of her second daughter, Ryan. 

The 30-year-old admitted that her depression led her to focus on her body, and exacerbated her insecurities.

Stephen and Ayesha share three children: daughters Riley Elizabeth, 6, and Ryan Carson, 3; and son Canon Wardell, 10 months old.


Ayesha was upset by the changes wrought on her body by motherhood and decided to have her breasts "lifted. But the doctor enlarged her breasts instead, which upset the celebrity chef even more.

"It came in the form of me being depressed about my body ... So I made a rash decision. The intention was just to have them lifted, but I came out with these bigger boobs I didn’t want," Ayesha said.


Ayesha has confessed that her depression made led her to a bad decision, one that she has regretted ever since.

"I got the most botched boob job on the face of the planet. They’re worse now than they were before. I would never do anything like that again, but I’m an advocate of if something makes you happy, who cares about the judgment?" she said.


Ayesha, who had faced several health issues, including thyroid surgery, has since given birth to her third child, Canon, and regained her confidence in herself and her body.

The working mom has opened a new string of restaurants, International Smoke, with chef Michael Mina, and hosts her TV show "Ayesha's Homemade", on Food Network.

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Ayesha Curry met her future husband Stephen when she was 14 and he was 15 at a church youth group in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Years later they met up again in Los Angeles where Ayesha was pursuing her acting career and Stephen was in town for an awards show.

The two started dating, and Ayesha moved back to Charlotte to be close to Stephen, who was playing college basketball at Davidson College.

After nearly 8 years of marriage, Ayesha revealed that the secret to a successful marriage is communication.

“Even when we don’t want to talk about something, we talk about it,” she revealed.

Stephen and Ayesha share three children: daughters Riley Elizabeth, 6, and Ryan Carson, 3; and son Canon Wardell, 10 months old.

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