Melissa Ede's Fiancée Shares a Touching Tribute after the Late Transgender Lottery Winner's Sudden Death

Following the results of the transgender lottery winner Melissa Ede’s autopsy, her fiance, Rachel Nason spoke out for the first time in a heartfelt post.

The 37-year-old from Hull announced Melissa’s sudden passing on Saturday night and detailed how it happened in her lengthy Facebook post on Wednesday.

On Sunday, May 5,  Melissa got rushed to the hospital but doctors gave her the all-clear five hours later, and she returned home.

Apart from a lot of burping and fatigue throughout the week, Melissa experienced no symptoms of imminent danger. Saturday evening Melissa wanted to head out to buy cigarettes, but she never got out of the driveway.

“I could hear her car engine revving outside and just assumed she was checking the engine or something and then the kids' pizza got delivered and I looked from the front door to see what she was doing and could see her slumped in the car,” she explained.

Rachel ran to the car screaming at Melissa to wake up, and upon reaching her, she could feel no heartbeat. The 37-year-old ran into the house and called 999 and paramedics arrived mere minutes after Rachel’s son helped her get Melissa out of the car to perform CPR.

Paramedics tried their utmost for an hour but couldn’t restart her heart. The autopsy revealed that Melissa had Ischemic Heart Disease and suffered acute hemopericardium, which caused her sudden heart attack.

“There are no words to describe how we feel at this moment in time, but Mel is going to be missed so so much. Sending love to Mel's family and her many friends too,” Rachel ended the post.

The pair got engaged on Christmas Day in 2017, days before she won the $5.1 million lottery.

After Melissa’s return from the hospital on May 3, she received nasty comments from those who don’t support the transgender community and said they “wished she died,” so she decided to post a video wherein she slammed trolls.

“First, people say it's a shame I'm not dead. I've got a message for you people. There's nothing wrong with this ticker or my lungs. All been checked out. So you've got me for quite a while, yet. I'm sure that'll make you all happy,” Melissa said.

In April Melissa also posted a video comment after trolls criticized the cosmetic work she had done after she bought the $12 scratch card that won her the lottery. She called the trolls “jealous” because she had money and they didn’t.

Rachel confirmed that funeral arrangements are underway and that details would be released as soon as it's finalized with a tribute befitting the late Melissa Ede.

Similarly, an 84-year-old Spanish merchant, and Melissa had a few things in common. They both won the lottery at the same time of the year, although José Luis Rodrigo López didn’t get to enjoy his new fortune for long.

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