9-Year-Old Girl Wowed Harlem Globetrotters Crowd with Her Basketball Skills (Video)

A 9-year-old girl unexpectedly wowed the crowds during the half-time show at a Harlem Globetrotters basketball game. 

Fans of the Harlem Globetrotters got more than they bargained for when Samaya Clark-Gabriel took to the court during halftime.

To the audience's astonishment, the nine-year-old proceeded to show off her moves with a basketball - and almost put the pro players to shame.

"I think that I could beat my dad in basketball because everytime we are in the hallway practicing he’d try to do a move and he always messes up." Samaya Clark-Gabriel


Samaya, who started playing basketball at age 6, stunned sports fans with her incredible control of the ball.

Samaya started off by dribbling two basketballs at once; and then she started dribbling two basketballs at once while wearing a blindfold.


The audience was in awe, but Samaya still had a trick up her sleeve. She then started dribbling the two basketballs at once while wearing the blindfold and doing a split and brought the house down.

Samaya's proud parents, Wayne and Egypt support their daughter's ambitions but they've made it clear that school comes first.


Samaya's incredible skills were hard-won. The little girl trains with high school students twice her height regularly.

Samaya works out three times a week, for two or three hours at a time, as part of her trainer Justin Bright’s ‘Humble Development’ program.

“When I train Samaya we work on ball handling, all of her weaknesses, her passing ability, her left hand, her right hand, dribbling, jumping, being athletic, being strong, being quick to the ball, her reaction time and we work on IQ in terms of understanding situations," said Justin Bright.


Samaya is determined to become a basketball star and works hard to make her dream come true.

"I hope for my basketball career that I will be a superstar and I will be on TV and be on different shows all around the world," she revealed.

Samaya's proud parents, Wayne and Egypt support their daughter's ambitions but they've made it clear that school comes first.

"I definitely think she has what it takes to play in the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association),” Bright said.

Basketball fans should keep an eye out for this determined young lady, who seems destined to rule the basketball courts in the near future.


Samaya Clark-Gabriel is just one of a series of incredible young talents that promise to change the world.

Angelica Hale is only 9 but she has the powerful voice of a diva, and the spirit to match her talent.

The little girl stunned the judges and the audience in an “America’s Got Talent” audition during which she sang Andra Day's "Rise Up."

Angelica made the final of the show, where she sang "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" by Kelly Clarkson with the singer, and finished the competition in second place, becoming the youngest runner-up in "AGT" history.

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