Queen Elizabeth II Has Reportedly Broken 13 Royal Traditions for Meghan Markle

Notable since Meghan Markle’s appearance in the royal family; is the Queen’s unprecedented accommodation of matters not allowed according to royal traditions, but what are they exactly?

Prince Harry and Meghan’s public road to non-conformism began when they got engaged.


At their first official photocall to announce the happy news, Meghan broke tradition and appeared bare-legged, permitted by the Queen to forego the otherwise required nude stockings.

Christmas followed a few months later and prompted another exception on Prince Harry’s request.

Traditionally, Christmas celebrations only include members of the royal family, but in 2017, the Queen welcomed Meghan to the family’s special day before she married Prince Harry.


A fair amount of royal traditions got tossed out the window when it came to Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding on May 19, 2018.

A church wedding, to begin with, broke another long-standing rule, as it's not allowed for a second marriage. Because Meghan is a divorced spouse, Harry became the first royal family member to marry a divorcee in church.

For the same reason, another rule inevitably got broken with the wedding invitations. While the bride is usually referred to as “Miss,” the invitations more accurately had to refer to Meghan as “Ms.”

“Marry in May, rue the day” is an old rhyme that became a rule because Queen Victoria, the Queen’s great-great-grandmother, believed a couple’s relationship to be doomed if they married in May. The very month Prince Harry and Meghan chose for their wedding.


According to tradition, the bride’s father gives her away. But as Meghan’s dad, Thomas Markle backed out shortly before the wedding, honoring it became impossible. Instead, Prince Charles walked Meghan, his new daughter-in-law, down the aisle in what Marie Claire called “a major tradition-breaking moment.”

During the reception, it is customary for only the host and the best man to give speeches, but an exception got made, and Meghan got permitted to say a few words of her own.

Prince Harry also became the first groom in the family to wear a wedding band. According to Elite Daily, the groom traditionally doesn’t wear a ring at the wedding ceremony, but Prince Harry donned one a platinum band he designed himself.

The publication pointed out the royal weddings, as a rule also features only British music during the ceremony. However, Prince Harry and Meghan got permitted to add a variety of American music as well.


Upon marrying into the royal family, Meghan got bestowed with a personalized Coat of Arms, while it's usually created for the family of the spouse marrying into the royal family, it did not include anything of her parents.


Bare shoulders have always been a no-go to all women in the royal family, until Meghan. As she appeared at her first ever celebration of the Queen’s birthday in a shoulder-bearing Carolina Herrera dress.

Meghan’s sister in law, Kate probably helped pave the way for wedge heels, which Meghan got spotted wearing on a few occasions. “Queen Elizabeth II banned wedges a long time ago simply because she doesn’t like them,” according to Stylecaster.

A tradition the Queen may be more lenient with is her dislike of garlic. While it's known that the Queen expected the royal family to do away with garlic as well, Prince Harry and Meghan made no secret of his marriage proposal over a roast chicken with lots of garlic.


Perhaps one of their more discussed breaks of protocol comes in the form of their frequent and public show of affection for each other.

Since they started dating, Meghan and Prince Harry are often seen holding hands, while Prince Harry even got photographed kissing Meghan’s head.


The royal couple welcomed their first child and son, Archie to the world early on May 6. In other ways, this new addition to the royal family also breaks long-standing traditions, as Archie is unlike other royal babies in many ways.