Shemar Moore Fires Back at Troll Calling Him Gay

Mary Scott
May 20, 2019
10:13 P.M.
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Shemar Moore recently clapped back at a woman who claimed he’s gay, slamming her with a response that has social media users reeling in the comments section.


Moore has been plagued with gay rumors almost his entire career, and even though the “SWAT” actor continues to debunk them, some folks seem to believe they know the man better than he knows himself.


The latest episode began with an innocent picture Moore posted of his ripped upper body. The caption was innocent enough as well.

Many of the comments under the picture were of fans admiring Moore’s perfectly sculpted frame

“THIS IS NOT A GAME!!!!!! I (am 49) and am getting my 33-year-old body BACK,” wrote the actor, advocating for fitness. “By busting my whole entire [expletive] in the gym, lifting weights, running, stairs, hiking, cycling, boxing, swimming, massages, dieting, SLEEPING!!!!”


He added:

“Just gotta ask yourself in life, no matter what or who it is. ‘HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT or ‘HER’ hmmmmm?! If you TRULY BELIEVE IN YOU then SHUT YO MOUTH [&] GO GET IT DONE!!!!!!! It’s gonna HURT and it can get OVERWHELMING and LONELY, at times feel impossible. So what??!!! STOP making excuses [&] JUST GET IT DONE!!!!!?"


While many of the comments under the picture were of fans admiring Moore’s perfectly sculpted frame, one woman chose to go another route.

~ Did he just threaten her with a good time? I’m shook ~

“Seriously, stop trying so hard,” she commented. “IT'S OK THAT YOU'RE GAY! We still love you!”


Not one to waste time, Moore shot her a lethal reply, making sure to deliver the perfect example of a raunchy threat.

“Introduce me to your man so I can turn him DOWN and turn YOU...OUT!!! Keep playing with me… I’m READY!”


The back-and-forth was captured and reposted on The Shade Room where it had social media users steaming in the comments section.

“Did he just threaten her....with a good time?” asked one Instagram user. “I’m shook.”

“Dang. Imma start trolling celebs,” chimed in another. “Because.... what a fun threat.”


Moore’s recent reaction is similar to the one he had nearly three years ago when rumors about his sexual orientation were in high gear.

“I just think it's all silly. If you're gay, you're gay,” he said at the time. “I'm not, and I know that and I'm very comfortable with who I am and I love women. I've dated plenty of them.”


Indeed, Moore’s dating history is quite colorful, with notable names like R&B legend Toni Braxton and Hollywood superstar Halle Berry.

“If you think I'm gay, send your girlfriend over to my house for the weekend and see what happens,” Moore further threatened. “You can call that arrogant if you want to. I just call it confident.”

For now, let’s hope Moore has passed across his message clearly, but the “Criminal Minds” star probably has another clapback handy for the next troll, whoever that may be.