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‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Reminds Fans About His ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Appearance (Video)

Comfort Omovre
May 26, 2019
08:01 A.M.
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Duane “Dog” Chapman is a recurring character in “Hawaii Five-O,” and he always manages to thrill fans just by being his usual humorous self.


The clip, which was posted on Facebook by the “Hawaii Five-0” team, runs just a little over a minute and recalls one of the hilarious scenes from the just concluded ninth season of the famous American TV series.


The post, dated October 16, 2018, is captioned:

“Did you catch Duane "Dog" Chapman on the latest episode of Hawaii Five-0?!”

It starts with Duane, appearing as himself, a Bounty Hunter, chilling out in a tub full of ice to battle the nasty heat which they show is some 104 degrees.

By doing this, he has disappointed his ol’ pal, Grover who was already at the golf course waiting for him just like they had already planned.

The men bantered back and forth on the phone and have Duane trying his best to persuade Grover. He pointed out that only someone “out of their damn mind” would go out to play in such terrible weather.


Grover countered in an angry tone:

“Well, I guess when some of us say we're gonna be somewhere, our word actually means something!”

Duane tries to calm Grover down by offering to have him join him and enjoy some freshly-made lemon juice prepared by Beth, his wife. Grover ends the call miffed after Duane further tries to convince him there is no harm in relaxing when “Mother nature’s got you.”


Grover chooses to put the empty golf field to good use and goes on to get himself a good golf play “alone” despite the golf boy's feeble attempt to persuade him otherwise.

This scene perfectly captured the reason why Duane has remained a recurring star appearance on the popular TV series. His very first appearance was in 2013 when he portrayed a character, himself, alongside his ever-supportive wife, Beth Chapman.

The famous reality star couple, who is perhaps best known for their renowned show, “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” give fans something to look forward to just by being their humorous selves.


At the time, the ninth season had just about kicked off and already had fans in a twist over the suspense as usual. Set in Hawaii, and a remake of the original 1970s classic, the CBS drama has become a fan favorite for its unique storyline.

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