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Mark Curry Opens up about Home Explosion That Burned 20% of His Body

Oyin Balogun
May 26, 2019
07:03 A.M.
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Sometimes life is unkind, and one might find themselves in a bad situation that will end up changing their lives. Comedian Mark Curry, unfortunately, found himself in one of those states, and this is how it changed his life.


Just in case you don't know who Mark Curry is, his fans know him as the star of the 90’s sitcom, "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper." His first introduction was in 80's Hip Hop music video, “I Ain’t Trippin.” by Too Short. Curry played a hilarious role of a "hater" in the video. 


He created some great memories throughout the years, but off camera, Mark really went through a lot. The comedian had to live through a terrible accident that left part of his body critically burned. He recently reluctantly gave some details about the horrific ordeal during his interview with "VladTV."


The life-changing accident happened while Mark Curry was doing some laundry in his home. The washing machine was located near the water heater, and without Mark's knowledge, there was an aerosol can behind the water heater. The chemical contents of the aerosol can, combined with the heat from the water heater, created an explosion that threw Mark across the room. 


He was placed in a medically induced coma, after suffering severe burns — third degree burns —  on his back, side, and arm. After waking up three days later,  Mark revealed he battled depression and suicidal thoughts. 

“It was a bad situation, and it prompted me to go into a deep depression, and so, I don’t even deal with that...and it changed my life," said Mark. 

Mark who couldn't walk for two weeks after waking up from coma recalled;

"I thought about suicide, but it’s hard to commit suicide when you’re 6’6”, he joked. "The ceiling’s right here so I can’t hang myself. It took me so low, into a black valley. People didn’t know what was wrong with me."


As Curry went through recovery, he confessed that several of his celebrity friends worked hard at helping him get back up again and that not only cheered him up but also paved a way through to his recovery.

“I’m in the hospital, Bill Cosby called me, making jokes. Damon Wayans called me, Chris Tucker called..all the comedians called me. All them muthaf**as joked on me,” Mark jokingly recalled. 


He also revealed that his biggest surprise during his stay at the hospital was a huge weight loss. The Comedian is now back on stage, and he uses his life experiences as material for his jokes.