Here's What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Look like in the New 'Becoming Royal' Lifetime Show

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s movie counterparts share how they are preparing for the upcoming Lifetime movie, “Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal.” 

Lifestyle is producing another royal movie, “Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal,” which follows last years “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance.” The film features the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their first year of marriage with behind the scenes takes.

Unlike the previous movie, “Becoming Royal” will have a new set of casts to portray the royal couple. Tiffany Marie Smith, 36, will be playing Meghan Markle while Charlie Field will be playing Prince Harry -- and they both seriously look like the real deal!

In an interview with PEOPLE Now, Smith revealed that she prepared for the role by “watching a lot of online videos and photos” and trying to research all that she can to get into character. Both actors worked together to observe how Meghan and Harry act towards each other, even including how they hold hands.

“She does this baby hair tuck a lot, where she doesn’t actually tuck it behind her ear,” Smith told the Daily Telegraph. “And she also looks up at people through her lashed, in a way that’s very like Diana.”

She further described Markle as someone who “knows exactly what she wants,” having dreams and goals and doing everything to reach what she wants.

The movie sheds light on the couple’s first year officially wed, unveiling stories of the joy and challenged the royal couple underwent on their first year of marriage. 

It will “reveal the untold joys and challenges of life inside the Royal Family. Beyond blending their families and cultures, Harry and Meghan's core values are put to the test as they try to find the balance between honoring royal tradition and staying true to their beliefs,” according to the film’s description.

In the previous film, “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance,” stars Murray and Parisa Fitz-Henley portrayed the role of the Duke and Duchess. 

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