Family Matters' Actor Shawn 'Waldo' Harrison Is Now 45 & Still Acting

Shawn Harrison is best known for giving life to the dimwitted Waldo Faldo in the hit ‘90s sitcom “Family Matters,” but 20 years after the show wrapped up, Harrison still looks terrific and appears every now and again on TV.

If you’re a fan of “Family Matters,” then you’ll remember Waldo, the weird and impossibly daft friend of Eddie Winslow (played by Darius McCrary) and Steve Urkel (by Jaleel White).


Waldo was always saying or doing something dumb and produced more than a few laughs from viewers back in the day. While Harrison was only a teenager when he landed the “Family Matters” gig, the actor is now 45 and looks pretty amazing.

In several pictures from his Instagram account, Harrison seems to favor black t-shirts, sporting one last month in honor of Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame.”

“[About] to check out Avengers: Endgame, so I had to be geeky and wear a Marvel t-shirt,” Harrison captioned a pic of him modeling the graphic Tee. “This better be good after waiting a [expletive] year.”

Several photos on the actor’s page also show him rocking a modest afro and an attractive salt-and-pepper beard.


Harrison’s toned body and youthful style come as no surprise; after all, we did catch him looking incredible in a workout pic sometime last year.

The actor, who started appearing in commercials and music videos at a young age, has not worked in big productions for a while now but continues to pursue his passion.


Since his final appearance on “Family Matters” in 1996, Harrison has gone on to feature in series like “Girlfriends” and “Moesha,” the 2012 film “Silent but Deadly,” and as the voice of Timber Wolf in the animated series “Legion of Super-Heroes.”

The actor will also be appearing in the forthcoming film, “Uncle Ed's Bucket List.”

Despite garnering several other acting credits, “Family Matters” will always hold an emotional significance for Harrison.

The actor lost his mom at the age of 18, shortly after he landed the career-defining role, but his cast-members rallied around Harrison and “raised” him.


During a cast reunion In 2017, Jo Marie Payton, who played Winslow family matriarch, Harriette, recalled how they all rallied round Harrison following the tragedy.

“His mother was so wonderful. She was always baking us peach cobblers and pies and all these different things, and we loved her to death. …And I always said that she brought Shawn to the set for us to raise. And, we fell in love with him like he was one of our own, and we knew that he didn’t have a brother or sister. So, we embraced him.”

The feeling was definitely mutual because Harrison confirmed Payton’s words while thanking his former colleagues for being there at the time.

“Everybody, cast, crew, everyone, was very, very supportive, very understanding of the very trying and difficult time that I was going through,” Harrison said. “So, I appreciate all the love and support that you guys all extended to me during those years.”