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Stedman Graham on Why Oprah Winfrey Would Make a Great President but Won't Run

Oyin Balogun
Jun 03, 2019
07:41 P.M.
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Sometime in 2018, speculations that Oprah Winfrey would be a candidate for the US Presidential general elections in 2020 against Donald Trump was circulating all over the media. 


Oprah debunked these predictions while helping Stacey Abrams in the latter's governorship campaigns, stating that she doesn't want to run for president as she doesn't have the stomach for it.


Stedman Graham, Oprah's longtime Partner, spoke to "Yahoo Finance" about the issue and affirmed that Oprah would not be running for president as she is occupied with loads of projects.

Graham stated that Oprah had been busy working tirelessly of recent as she runs her media firm, "OWN" which runs a leadership institution in South Africa, runs the "Weight Watchers" program and a host of other engagements. 


Stedman Graham, who is the chairman and Head of Operations of a Marketing and Management Consultancy company in Chicago stated that Oprah's goals to discover ways to encourage and empower women to become the highest version of themselves, are continuous and therefore she has no time to stop.

Graham, during an episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Friday also discussed why he thinks Oprah would be a good President, even though it is no secret that she wouldn't be contesting. 


Stedman stated that Oprah was as trustworthy as anyone could be; she has a great memory and a brilliant mind. He further said that Oprah is an extremely hard worker, a successful person who is fully equipped and qualified to be President.

Stedman is the author of the book, "Identity Leadership: To Lead others, You must first lead yourself," which is his latest project. The book serves as a guide to self-discovery and actualization as a means of becoming a great leader.


It teaches how to break off from societal tags and limitations attached to one's identity and centers on discovering one's potentials and purpose. Graham's book ultimately lectures on taking time to define one's abilities and taking control of one's destiny before assuming leadership roles.

Ellen on Friday's show further asked Graham for the secret behind the longevity of his commitment with Oprah to which Graham stated that it was their willingness to work together.

Graham revealed that he had to be fully satisfied with himself and his achievements by first discovering his abilities and vision, and being happy with what he does which gave him security with a high-achieving woman like Oprah.


He also said that he supported her with whatever she did and was fully committed to her achievements and happiness because he always wanted the best for her. The author went on to say that they have successfully been together because they firstly independently mastered their abilities and self-activated them.

Stedman, 68, and Winfrey, 65, have been together for over 30 years now. Although they were engaged at a time, the duo never officially tied the knot which according to Winfrey, would have failed because of the cultural tags that come with being married, which she would not conform to.