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Little Prince Charles Looked Bored at Queen Elizabeth's Coronation in a Hilarious Throwback Photo

Comfort Omovre
Jun 08, 2019
10:22 A.M.
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A rare throwback image of Prince Charles at age 4 has the internet buzzing with humor as the then-little prince wears a hilarious expression.


The Royal Collection Trust in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 66th anniversary on the throne, posted on Instagram, a throwback to the day of coronation.

Prince Charles / Photo: Getty Images


The caption read:

"On this day in 1953, The Queen’s coronation took place. This photograph shows a young Prince Charles standing between his grandmother (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) and aunt (Princess Margaret).”

The photo could have just been a memorable one to which fans show reverence, but someone in the black and white snapshot was not able to mask his boredom during the coronation festivities.

In the picture, the then 27-year-old Queen Elizabeth II had just been crowned after succeeding her late father King George VI in 1952.

While the newly crowned royalty places her attention on the ongoing event beside her sister, Princess Margaret, Prince Charles is seen standing in between the two of them as he holds his head in one hand with a wry but funny expression on his face.


The young prince who looked bored probably needed to be out of there to attend to kid stuff as he didn’t seem to be into the ceremony. Fans on social media had a field day making funny suggestions as to why the prince wore such an expression.

The coronation ceremony was on for three hours, and this is enough time for any child to lose interest or get bored.


A similar snapshot also shows the now 70-year-old Prince Charles’ grandson, Prince George taking his grandpa’s stance at the color parade in honor of the Queen’s birthday.

The photo is dubbed a “recreation” of Prince Charles’ boredom in 1952. Prince George is standing in between his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge while Kate Middleton is holding Princess Charlotte in her arms.

Prince Charles was the first child to witness his mom’s coronation ceremony and still on firsts, Queen Elizabeth’s was the first ever televised coronation exercise and it recorded a total view of 27 million in the U.K. alone.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their Children / Photo: Getty Images

With such a hilarious royal snapshot, social media users are sure to meme Prince Charles in a  million ways!