Tracy Morgan Involved in Accident with New $2M Car Years after Near-Fatal Crash

Tracy Morgan was involved in a car accident on Tuesday, mere minutes after he purchased a pricey Bugatti model. The incident comes eerily close to the fifth anniversary of a near-fatal crash the comedian once survived.

According to TMZ, Morgan, 50, had just left Manhattan Motorcars with a newly-purchased Bugatti Veyron that cost almost $2 million when a Honda CR-V whose driver was trying to make a last-minute turn, rammed into him.

In footage obtained by BuzzFeed, Morgan is seen climbing out of his luxury car immediately after the accident and banging on the window of the CR-V which was reportedly driven by a 61-year-old woman.


Chris Ricciardelli, a man who witnessed the accident, told Page Six:

“He [Tracy Morgan] said he got it literally an hour ago and he paid $2 million for it. He just bought it, dude, and it’s pretty scraped up. It still had a dealer tag.”


An NYPD spokesman who spoke to BuzzFeed confirmed that the crash happened at the intersection of 42nd Street and Tenth Avenue in Manhattan and said the department received a call about it around 1:20 pm.

"When officers got to the scene, they found two vehicles that were involved in a very minor traffic accident where two cars were basically side by side, and as the light turned green the cars touched," the spokesperson explained. "They rubbed slightly."

TMZ published photos of the “What Men Want” actor in an ambulance, adding that he complained of pain and was checked out in the vehicle. Other sources, meanwhile, claim Morgan only asked to sit in the ambulance to get away from the sun and paparazzi.


Quelling any speculation about his wellbeing, Morgan confirmed in a tweet that he’s alright, but couldn’t say the same for his vehicle.

“Thanks for any concern but I am totally fine. My NEW CAR? We shall see. Love you all.”


The accident comes merely three days away from the fifth anniversary of a near-fatal crash Morgan survived in 2014.

A Walmart truck driver crashed into Morgan’s limo bus in New Jersey, instantly killing his friend and colleague James “Jimmy Mac” McNair, and sending Morgan to intensive care with broken leg bones, a broken nose and several broken ribs, reports USA Today.


Morgan recently opened up about how the tragedy has impacted his life and how it helps him be a better dad to his five-year-old daughter, Maven.

“I’ve got to be there! You know how important it is for me and my wife? When I got hit by that Walmart truck. …my daughter was only 10 months old. I know I’ve got to be here for her; in the world we’re living in today.”

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Morgan, who married his current wife, Megan, in 2015, also has three sons with his ex-wife, Sabina.

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