June 15, 2019

Toya Wright's Harsh Reply to Hater Who Dared to Fat-Shame Daughter Reginae

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Toya Wright is a lioness when it comes to defending her family, and when a hater crossed a line by fat shaming her daughter Reginae on Instagram, Wright didn’t think twice before slamming the troll with a short but harsh reply.

Reginae Carter is living up her best life while enjoying a few days in Miami with some friends, and she’s been posting up a storm on her Instagram, sharing her different outfits and curvaceous figure with her characteristic confidence.


In one of the pics, Reginae donned a silk short pink dress with a pink gradient, see-through heels, and a small pink purse, as she posed alongside two of her friends.

“All mine a dime.. you see a nine it was a miscount,” the young reality star captioned the post.



Fans and haters alike were quick to fill the comment section, and while many people gushed about Nae’s beauty, one user commented: “Umm maybe if you was taller and slimmer but you don’t belong in this picture.”

Although Reginae ignored the negative feedback, her mom didn’t feel the same way.


Toya Wright caught sight of the comment and had one simple but effective reply to the hater: “f*** you.”


Sadly, the fat shaming was not the only issue on the comment section, as some people also brought up colorism to the table, stating that because Reginae is darker than her friends, she “stood out” and not in a good way.


Despite the negative feedback and ugly comments, Nae’s fans came to the rescue and made sure to call out the haters, like one user who wrote:

“It’s a shame people are so jaded by media standards. All three of these girls are beautiful and their friends so they already fit keep your insecurities within yourself obviously she’s good they all are.”


And another who added:

“Life’s too boring to blend in keep letting that melanin stand out sis.”



Although Reginae has created a tough image for herself on social media, ignoring the haters and clapping back only to defend her loved ones, she recently confessed to her mom in an episode of “T.I & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle,” that sometimes the comments online did hurt her feelings.

Just a few days ago Reginae called out her boyfriend YFN Lucci on Twitter after the rapper acknowledged a flirty fan. Although he didn’t reply back, the fan made sure to let Reginae she didn’t care about her feelings at all.


Reginae and Lucci have been in an on again off again relationship for almost a year now, and in a recent interview with BET, the rapper confessed that social media has come in the way of him and Reginae despite his efforts to avoid it.

“I be trying to let her know man, you can't let Instagram and all them people dictate our relationship," he said. "They gon' give their opinions, but you don't even know these people. How you just gon' take their word for it?"


"I got girl fans. So a girl can write her and say 'That's my man,' and she'll believe it, and then she'll send it to me, and I'll be like, 'Who the hell is this? This a random person.' You just gotta be strong, and talk and work it out."

Although Toya Wright has made it known that she doesn’t agree with her daughter and Lucci’s relationship, Reginae seems to be determined to make things work out with her man. For now.


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