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Two Women Walking Home after a Girls’ Night out Decided to Answer the Call of Nature

Razia Meer
Jun 14, 2019
04:12 A.M.
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What was the drunkest you've ever been and can you remember the embarrassing bits of that night at all? In the following fictitious story, two women are extremely drunk, but it's their husbands' conversation the next day that is funny.


Two women were walking home after a girls’ night out. They had both had much too much to drink and one of them suggested they stop and answer the call of nature right there in the bushes.

The need to wee becoming more urgent by the second, the other agreed, and they ducked into the nearby bushes so nobody would see them.

Drinks at a bar. | Source: Social Butterfly/Pixabay


Having no toilet paper or even tissues at hand, the first one uses her underwear to wipe herself off and then tosses it further into the bushes.

The other finds a pretty florist's ribbon in the bushes and uses that instead.

They continue making their drunken ways home and both collapse onto their beds in their party clothes the second they reach their houses, where their pained husbands clean them up and put them to bed.

The next day, the husbands meet each other for drinks and the one says to the other: 

Men having drinks together. | Source: Fancycrave/Pexels


“You know, I'm starting to worry about our wives when they go on their nights out. My wife came home last night without any knickers.”

“You think that’s bad,” said the other husband,

“Mine had a card stuck to her rear that said ‘From all the guys at the fire station – we’ll miss you.'” 

These men deserve "Husband of the Year" awards, what do you think? Share this with your friends and find out what's the most drunken night they've ever had. 

In the case of Nicolas Cage, his drinking might cost him a lot more than the price of new underwear or a florist's ribbon. The actor could lose significantly in divorce court.


It has been alleged that Cage was "drinking to the point of intoxication” when he married his makeup artist girlfriend Erika Koiken in Las Vegas this year.

According to eyewitnesses, the couple made a huge scene while filling out a marriage license form and unsurprisingly, Cage requested an annulment four days later, presumably after sobering up.

Cage's son Weston has had brushes with the law over his own drinking and driving habits and reportedly led police on a merry chase when they tried to apprehend him recently for a hit-and-run incident.