Donald Trump Turns 73 Today! Everyone Can Congratulate POTUS by Signing an Online Birthday Card

President Donald Trump is another year older today and his supporters can wish him Happy Birthday by signing an online card. 

The 45th president of the United States is being celebrated with a "huge" birthday card that his team set up for him for the big day, reported TMZ. Trump is turning 73 years old today.

According to the outlet, those subscribed to Donald Trump and Mike Pence's campaign received an email asking them to sign a birthday card that will be presented to Trump on Friday. 

Donald Trump, 44th President of the United States | Photo: Getty Images

Donald Trump, 44th President of the United States | Photo: Getty Images

They're hoping to get at least two million signatures on the card before letting the president see it — in what form is unclear. They reportedly did the same last year and the president loved it. 

The email allegedly reads: 

"Our goal is to get 2 MILLION signatures to let President Trump know how thankful we are for his incredible leadership in our shared mission to Make America Great Again."

To sign the card, one must enter their full name, email address, and zip code. A message box lies toward the top of the card but appears to be optional. 

President Donald Trump | Photo: Getty Images

President Donald Trump | Photo: Getty Images

On the same website that hosts the digital card, Trump is described as the embodiment of "the American success story." He graduated from the Wharton School of Finance in his early years. 

Then, Trump went on to own and manage several businesses that created a number of jobs for others. He announced his presidency in 2015. After a controversial run with his much-opposed slogan "Make American Great Again," he became president in 2016. 

President Donald Trump | Photo: Getty Images

President Donald Trump | Photo: Getty Images

Trump's goals include ongoing efforts to repeal Obamacare, increase border security, secure jobs for Americans only, lower taxes, support the military and police establishments, and care for veterans. 

Last year, Trump received a sort of gift from a celebrity couple who were not as happy with the president's policies as those signing his birthday card might be. 

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend found it fit to donate $288k to an organization that works against the Trump administration's immigration policies. 

Teigen sent out a tweet with the caption "happy birthday," and tagged Trump's twitter. Attached to it was a pictured text message that explained Teigen and her husband's outrage due to Trump's actions. 

They spoke about the anti-immigration policies that meant families were separated at the border last year as they sought asylum in the country. The couple called it inhumane and encouraged others to donate to the ACLU.

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