Three Siblings Arrive Empty-Handed to Celebrate Their Parents' Anniversary

Razia Meer
Jun 18, 2019
02:22 P.M.
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Parents are used to giving everything and getting nothing in return. Since parenting is certainly not for profit, it's not considered uncommon that children continue expecting parents to provide for them without returning the favor.


But the parents in the following fictitious story had the perfect come back for their children's cheapness.

A couple was getting ready to celebrate 50 years together. They invited their three children to celebrate with them.

The three children, all very successful and wealthy adults now, agreed to a Sunday dinner in honor of their parents.

As usual, they all arrived late and empty-handed with varying excuses, but eventually sit down to enjoy their mother's cooking with great gusto.

Family dinner of Asian food. | Source:


“Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad,” gushed the eldest son, a lawyer. “Sorry, I was running late after a big court case, and I just didn’t have the time to get you a present.”

“No need to worry,” said Dad, magnanimously. “The important thing is that you are here.”

Son number two, a doctor, announced,

“I just flew in from L.A. after doing cutting-edge surgery and didn’t have time to get you anything… I’m so sorry.”

“It’s nothing,” said his father, “Mom and I are just glad you could be here today.”

Then their engineer daughter spoke up, “Happy anniversary! I’m sorry, but I’ve been out of town working on a big project, and I didn’t bring a present.”


Again, their father said, “I really don’t care about gifts, at least the five of us are together today.”

A couple drinking wine. | Source:


Later, over glasses of wine, the father looked up and said, “Listen, you three, there’s something your mother and I need to tell you. We came to this country penniless and desperate."

He reached for his wife's hand and continued, "Despite this, we were able to raise you and send you to good schools to make something of yourselves. It's been fifty years since we got together, but the truth is, we never got around to getting married.”

The three kids gasped and said, in unison, “You mean to tell us we’re BASTARDS?”

“Yep,” said the dad.

“And cheap ones, too!”


Well, that probably shut them up. Do you know someone with cheap children? Tell us in the comments and don't forget to share this story with your friends to see who else can relate.

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