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Kelly Rowland Talks Meeting Her Hero Whitney Houston for the First Time

Oyin Balogun
Jun 23, 2019
06:30 A.M.
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Kelly Rowland lovingly reminisced about the first time she met now-late pop icon, Whitney Houston.


Rowland has been a coach on “The Voice Australia” for two years now. The singer who is loved by many recently warmed hearts when she related her experience meeting her best idol.


It happened to be Whitney Houston, one of America's most famous singers. Even long after her demise, Rowland was full of awe and respect as she sat down with the other coaches discussing who their heroes were and what meeting them was like.

The perhaps most important part of the conversation was whether the icons met or failed their expectations. Rowland, who is a mother of one, disclosed that for her, Whitney Houston was a heroine.


Rowland also revealed that she was only a teenager when Bobby Brown, who was Houston’s husband at the time, approached her and the other girls of Destiny’s Child. Rowland animatedly said:

“He [Bobby] was like, ‘Omg; my wife loves y’all.’ And by the way, I’m just a 15-16-year-old girl. So I said, ‘Your wife, your wife, YOUR WIFE! Okay.’ So we go over, and she was in an interview with this woman, and it was for Out magazine, I’ll never forget it.” 


Rowland and the girls were shaken by the attention but didn't know that even more awaited them as Houston paused the interview so she could talk to them.

For the rising stars, it made the very first time they would get to feature, even if in a small way, with another artist, and one as important as Houston at that, in a magazine. Houston said reminiscing:

“She [Houston] stopped the interview, sang to us, talked to us. Was like, ‘Oh, Ima give y’all my number if y’all need anything. I’m Auntie Whitney; I’m Auntie Whitney. If you ever need anything, I got you.’”


When her fellow coach, Boy George curiously asked if they ever did reach out to Houston, Rowland exclaimed as if saying that much should be obvious.  She said:

“Of course, we called her! For sure. And she called us and checked in with us. And that was just amazing.”

For Rowland, Houston’s loving attention made her “just the sweetest woman, a woman of her word” to Rowland, who still obviously prides in her interaction with the award-winning star.

The “Dilemma” singer even once revealed that her becoming a singer was greatly influenced by Houston. There is no doubt that, like so many other people, Houston’s unexpected death in 2012 must have been a great loss for her.

May Houston’s soul rest in peace.