Valerie Bertinelli's Son Wolfgang Van Halen Is All Grown up

Wolfgang Van Halen, the son of the actress, Valerie Bertinelli, is all grown up, and although his career path is not very surprising, something else is.

Actress, Valerie Bertinelli after being married to Eddie Van Halen for ten years and suffering a miscarriage in ’86, gave birth to her son and only child, Wolfgang Van Halen in March 1991.

Wolfie, as Bertinelli fondly calls him, is now grown up, and slowly making his mark mainly in the rock music scene. The young man is a bassist and plays for Eddie’s rock band, “Van Halen.”

He started his musical career in 2004, but it was not until 2007 that the then-16-year-old went on tour for the first time with his father’s band.

At the time, Bertinelli told People that she is proud of her son’s accomplishment, and she was not worried that he would pick up any lousy vice along the way.

The actress also credited Eddie as a good father whom she trusts to look after their son, adding “All is going to be just fine.” Everything turned out fine, and the young bassist got tutored on tour, and by 2010, he finished high school and got his diploma.

Interestingly, Wolfie, while growing up, didn’t see his father as a famous rock star until he saw him on a CD cover. Despite this fact, father and son have a close relationship, and the 28-year-old bassist shares photos of their close bond on social media.

Bertinelli and Eddie equally share a cordial relationship even though they are no longer together. The actress and the rock star married in 1981 when they were both in their early 20s.

Noel E. Monk, the former manager of the father-of-one, revealed in his book “Running with the Devil” that the guitarist and “One Day at a Time” actress got married on a day that looked like the Van Halen band was performing.

Monk wrote that the rock artist almost didn't make it to the reception after getting intoxicated on his way to the venue.The author praised the then-21-year-old actress for getting Eddie through the day, and she did so for the years they were married. In 2001, the former couple separated, and in 2007, they finalized their divorce.

Wolfie remains the link between the former couple, and he is still working on his career, with his solo album in the works since 2015. 

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