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Mama June’s Boyfriend Geno Doak Reportedly Keeps Her in a ‘Mental Prison’ Amid Family Drama

Bettina Dizon
Jun 24, 2019
10:18 A.M.
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Mama June’s family reportedly believes her boyfriend is playing mind games and keeping her from seeing family, which has led her to a downward spiral in recent months.


If there were a perfect example of a toxic relationship, it would be Mama June’s with her infamous boyfriend, Geno Doak. Even her family believes that their time spent together has been dangerous and troublesome. 

TMZ reports that June’s family thinks Doak has their mother wrapped around his thumb with his manipulative ways that have her trapped in a “mental prison.” He also fabricated stories of his children being unsupportive when the truth is the exact opposite. 


According to the outlet’s sources, the reality star’s family is confident of Doak’s intent -- money. With a reality show in place, June has in flow with savings from the past, and with access, her incompetent boyfriend can splurge without working.

Last week, June’s daughter, Honey Boo Boo, visited her mother following Doak’s car crash incident where he hit his SUV against the garage door while looking intoxicated. Sadly, despite her attempt to convince her mother to drop Doak from her life, she reportedly declined. 


Honey Boo Boo, 13,  who is currently under the care of her sister, Lauryn, 19,  refuses to go back to her mother’s home until she ends her relationship with Doak. 

“Do not you understand that I’m staying with my sister and that’s not by choice?” she said while crying. “It’s not my choice.”


In the recent months, June and Doak were arrested while at a gas station in Alabama, amid an argument, for possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

Doak allegedly threatened to kill June during the fight, yet the couple only grew stronger after the incident. He has been nothing but a bad influence since they began their relationship three years back.