Sarah Ferguson Looks Charming as She Performs a Deep Curtsey to the Queen at the Royal Ascot

Comfort Omovre
Jun 24, 2019
03:38 P.M.
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Standing beside her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson performs her signature curtsey for Queen Elizabeth as the monarch arrived at the Royal Ascot.


The 59-year old, Duchess of York was spotted in a bright yellow dress, a green hat with peacock feathers attached to the top left part of the hat and a lace netting that covered her face.


The Queen also appeared in bright colors on that sunny day, as she was seen in a stunning pink dress and a pink hat with ostrich feathers. On her dress, she wore her favorite brooches, a diamond star-shaped breastpin.

As the monarch arrived on the fourth day of the Royal Ascot, Sarah Ferguson was seen demonstrating her unique curtsey for Queen Elizabeth with her legs slightly crossed, her left foot in front of the right, she raised her left palm and bowed her head slightly.

Ferguson was at the Royal Ascot with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. Although they got divorced in May 1996, the couple has however been friends ever since and have raised their two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie together. 


Although Princess Beatrice and Eugenie didn't particularly have a fun childhood, because their parents got separated, they, however, had a stability that Prince William and Harry did not have, which was a result of the presence of both their parents.

There have been rumors of late that the couple, Ferguson and Andrew have been romantically engaged. However, Ferguson's spokesman said

“Nothing has changed — the couple continues to be good friends.”


The families of Ferguson and Andrew have long been acquainted. Ferguson's father played polo with Andrews father. After a year of dating and a whirlwind romance towards the end of that period, the couple got married in 1986.

In August 1988, they had their first child, their daughter, Princess Beatrice. And in 19 months, they had their second daughter, Princess Eugenie.


There was however trouble in the marriage as the couple announced their separation in 1992. There were allegations that the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, was seen in the company of other men as her husband was on naval duties. The couple got divorced in 1996, but the two maintained a friendly relationship.

Although separated, Ferguson and Andrew continued to raise their two daughters together, making all public appearances as a family.