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Family Seeks Justice After Video Shows LA Man Was Shot 34 Times by Deputies

Mary Scott
Jun 24, 2019
06:59 P.M.
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The family of a 24-year-old man is seeking justice after video footage shows their late son was shot at 34 times by two Los Angeles sheriff deputies.


Father-of-three Ryan Twyman lost his life after two officers opened fire on his car in the Willowbrook area of south Los Angeles on June 6.


In footage of the shooting released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, two deputies are seen getting out of their patrol car and approaching a white Kia sedan, according to Atlanta Black Star.

Ryan was reportedly behind the wheel of the white car while a friend, 22-year-old Deimeon Laffell, was in the passenger seat. Both men, according to their families, were unarmed, The Associated Press reported.

Both deputies have their weapons drawn; one of them opens a passenger door, and it’s not clear if he says something to the occupants, but the vehicle suddenly begins to reverse.



One of the deputies staggers back as he holds on to the vehicle before regaining his balance while the other retreats and starts shooting at the white sedan. The second deputy soon joins in the shooting even as the car continues to drive in reverse.

The first deputy dashes their patrol car and retrieves an assault rifle from the trunk before he and the second deputy take aim behind a parked truck.

Connie Parson, a witness who was inside her home when the shooting began, told the Los Angeles Times that the officers were shooting as though they were at “war.”


KCRW reported that Ryan was hit multiple times and died at the scene while Deimeon was unharmed. No shots were fired from Ryan’s vehicle, and no weapons were found in it either.

The department, however, claims, according to CBS Los Angeles, that Ryan was a felon and they had been searching for him since finding illegal weapons at his house a few weeks before the fatal shooting.

Ryan’s relatives have seen the disturbing footage of their loved one being shot at multiple times and are determined to get justice and prevent this from happening to someone else.



At a press conference on Thursday, Ryan’s father, Charles Twyman, said to reporters:

“After waking up this morning and watching this video, I have a clear view – opinion – that my son was murdered. As you can see, Ryan has a lot of family and support system here. Everyone loved Ryan. Ryan was a special person.”



“I’m running out of answers. I keep telling him his father’s at work,” Charles added, referring to one of the slain man’s kids. “He keeps asking me when is his father coming home.”

With the help of their attorney, Brian Dunn, the family has filed a lawsuit against the LA County. Dunn claimed the deputies did not follow standard protocol when they approached the vehicle, reported Atlanta Black Star.

The deputies involved in the shooting, whose identities have not been disclosed, have been reassigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation, AP News reported.

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