Woman Caught by a Traffic Camera Wants to Check the Reason the Camera Flashed

Comfort Omovre
Jun 29, 2019
04:59 P.M.
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A woman got caught by a traffic camera and decided to investigate why it kept flashing, only to find out the joke was on her two weeks later.


A woman was driving past a traffic camera when it flashed at her; she thought it took her picture for going over the speed limit, even though she was aware she was below it.

Photo of a Traffic Camera | Photo: Getty Images


To confirm her suspicion, the woman drove around the block, passing the same place she passed earlier at a reduced speed, but the camera flashed again.

The woman found it hilarious and decided to repeat the process, and the camera flashed again; on the fourth repeat, the same thing happened, and by the fifth, she drove extremely slow, laughing this time as the camera took her picture.

Yellow box speed camera | Photo: Getty Images


Thinking she was home free, the woman left, and two weeks later, she got five traffic fines for driving without wearing her seat belt.

In another traffic scenario, a man drove his car over the speed limit on a highway, feeling secure in the knowledge that other drivers were going at the same speed.

However, as he drove through a speed trap he was unaware of, the infrared speed detector singled him out, and he got approached by a police officer who asked him to pull over.

Speed control at a main road | Photo: Getty Images


The officer gave the man his citation to sign, which he did, but as the policeman was about to walk away, the man stopped him.

He said to the policeman:

“Officer, I’m aware I was driving over the speed limit, but the other drivers were going as fast, so why did I get the ticket?”

The officer responded:

“Do you fish?.”

Police Officer during a mock traffic stop | Photo: Getty Images


The question surprised the man, and he replied:

“Umm, yeah…so?”

The officer then grinned at him before saying:

“Do you ever catch ALL the fish?”

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