Meet Rapper Bushwick Bill's 3 Beautiful Daughters Who Made Him Very Proud

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 27, 2019
11:05 P.M.
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Bushwick Bill passed away two weeks ago, but not much was known about those who survived him. Here's a look at his three daughters and the son he left behind.

The rapper who belonged to the 90s group Geto Boys passed away due to pancreatic cancer on June 9. He was 52 years old when he died. He battled the disease for only five months before succumbing to it. 

Bill, who goes by the legal name Richard Shaw, revealed to fans that he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in February. He pledged to fight it but, sadly, it was a losing battle. 


In addition to group mates Willie D and Scarface, Bill left behind four children who had mostly remained out of the spotlight until now. He had three gorgeous daughters and a lookalike son. 

His first daughter loves to cook

His eldest daughter is a foodie with a small following on Instagram but a huge passion for cooking. Ali calls herself the "Hungry Gypsy Wanderer" on the account. 

There she shares her mouth-watering dishes with the world "(mostly plant based [foods])," as well as gives a look into her adventures. She's a traveler in addition to apparently being an amazing cook. 


She doesn't hold back

Ali spoke out when persons prematurely sent in rest in peace messages after a false report that her father was dead. Via her Instagram account, she confronted her dad's false friends and people who were trying to capitalize on his death. 

She said: 

"My dad IS NOT dead, he’s still alive and fighting for his life. He needs your continued prayers and support. Certain people have been so quick to write him off as dead so they can capitalize off it, and it’s messed up because yall really think these people care about him."


His second daughter is a performer

Bill's second daughter is named Delmera and she also has her own thing going on. At just 17, she's focused on singing and dancing. Thanks to her dad, she got to meet some stars who did just that. 

She shared photos of her time at a 90s tour where she got to meet two of her favorite groups: Blackstreet Boys and TLC. The band was also pictured with her father at the event. 

Both older daughters are promoting a new GoFundMe page set up to assist the family with funeral expenses as well as ensure they are taken care of, as Bill would have wanted. 


His last daughter remains unnamed

Bill's last daughter is much younger than her siblings and we still don't know her name. We know, however, that he loves her very much. In fact, a sweet Christmas photo showed that he is deeply appreciative of all his girls.

In December 2018, he wrote: 

"Damn it feels good to be a… father! The greatest gift of all is my 3 little girls - Happy Holidays from my family to yours, One love #Blessed #ProudFather”


His rapper son is his firstborn

Bill is already a proud father to his son who has followed in his footsteps. Yung Knxw, whose real name is Javon, is 23 years old and looks like a younger, taller version of his dad. The two were also close. 

According to TMZ, some of Bill's final words were directed at Javon. "I will love you forever," he reportedly said. He passed away at about 9:35 pm from complications including pneumonia, lung infection and a blood infection.


Fans will mourn both him and his music

Bill was hoping to do a Geto Boys reunion tour with his two groupmates before his diagnosis. The Jamaican-born rapper thought that chemotherapy treatment would put him back on the road. 

Sadly, it turned out to be a matter of cherishing his last moments. He posted photos from the hospital not long before he passed. After Dawn P, his publicist confirmed the death, the family requested privacy to grieve their loss.