July 03, 2019

David Ortiz Shooting Was Botched $30K Hit, Say Dominican Police

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Dominican Republic police finally spoke up about the shooting of retired baseball star, David Ortiz. In a release, it was alleged that the attempted assassination on the “Red Sox” star, which left him injured, was a failed attempt on Sixto David Fernandez.

The spokesperson of the Dominican Republic Police force granted a press conference on Sunday where he revealed police's findings regarding the June 9th shooting of former baseball player, David Ortiz


He made it known that the star was a victim of mistaken identity and he got caught up in a family clash that cost the mastermind $30,000.


The police have arrested a suspect alleged to be the man behind the hit, identified as Victor Hugo Gomez. According to Colonel Frank Mejia, who addressed the press, Gomez arranged to have his cousin murdered because he previously “snitched” to the cops about his drug deals, which led to an earlier arrest. 


The suspect was on the wanted list of the Dominican Republic police, for suspected connection to a prominent Mexican drug cartel even before the incidence. 

Before the shooting, the police force was unaware of Gomez’s presence in the country. Only close family members knew his whereabouts, including his cousin, Sixto.  

His cousin’s awareness heightened his fears, and this led him to make a deal of $30k to have him killed, the colonel added. Of the agreed amount, only $10,000 has been paid, while the remaining was to be paid in cash after the hit was successfully completed.




CCTV footage of

the June 9th shooting showed Sixto, the marked man sharing a table with the baseball legend outside a bar in Santo Moringo. 

The retired player was engaged, with his back to the road when a bullet pierced him from behind, causing him mortal injuries. The attempted assassination was carried out by two men on a motorcycle.


It was observed that Sixto and Ortiz had similar white pants on, which could be the reason for the mistaken identities.


The family of the suspect has called out the authorities for the indictment, and arrest of Gomez, whom they described as a “sweet loving person.” 

They stated in a news broadcast that the father of seven was innocent of all charges and that the police only preyed on him because he was an easy target. 


The alleged mastermind, Victor Hugo Gomez, also made a video moments before his arrest, declaring his innocence. In the clip, he accused his cousin of being involved with drug lords and trying to blame him. The Mexican captured the entire scene of his arrest in a video call placed to his relatives who are of the opinion that the real culprit is a more influential person. 

They have implored the authority to look into other possible perpetrators. A total of fourteen suspects have been arrested over the shooting of the legendary “Big Papi” that has left him hospitalized even after undergoing a series of surgeries.