T.I.'s Alleged Ex-Mistress Bernice Burgos Talks Being 'Poppin'' Grandma at 39

Monica Otayza
Jul 04, 2019
12:44 A.M.
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Bernice Burgos shares her thoughts about being a "popping" grandmother at 39-years-old, revealing that she still wants another baby. 


Bernice Burgos welcomed her first grandchild last year when her eldest daughter Ashley gave birth. However, while people associate being a grandmother to being old and motherly, this hasn't stopped Bernice from living the life she wants to live. 


The alleged ex-mistress of T.I. went on "Hollywood Unlocked" earlier this week, sharing how sad it is that people judge her for doing whatever she wants to do especially now that she's a grandmother. When asked why she thinks people are always so involved in her personal life, she responded with:

"Because I'm poppin'."


Bernice is such a self-love advocate, that she knows it's fine to say that she knows she looks good. However, she also acknowledged her frustration with how people always feel they have to be concerned with the fact that she loves showing off her body in social media while having kids and grandkids. 


“I don’t really pay them no mind. I really worry about the people that be around me, that’s my main concern, because your own closest friends could be the ones that’s hating on you and those be the ones that hurt me the most. That’s why I try to be careful who I bring around my circle.”

Living her Best Life

While people don't realize it, Burgos has been focusing on herself, her family, and all the things she enjoys in life. She does not read comments and just keeps on living the life she wants to live. 

“I know what I’m doing. I’m [going to] keep on growing and doing other stuff. I don’t even read my comments like that. I used to but now it’s just like, I read the comments of the people that follow me, like it, put kissy faces, and then I’m done. I just keep on living.”


Bernice, who is a model, an entrepreneur and events host, shares that the only thing that would stop her from doing what she's doing now is the fact that she still wants another child. 

"I still want another baby. I want one more. I always said I wanted three kids and then that's it."

Bernice and T.I.

Burgos is infamously known as the woman involved with T.I. that almost ruined his relationship with his wife, Tiny Harris. Although that was the case, she says that at the time, T.I. and Tiny was already broken up and headed for divorce. She shares she would not have entertained if she knew he was married.


Since then, every guy she is spotted with becomes rumored to be her next boyfriend, as that was the case when she was spotted out with Nick Cannon. 

However, she herself shot down the rumors, saying she and Nick were in a business meeting with other people and were not on a date. 

Now, the online personality is looking for the right man to be with for the rest of her life, hopefully one that could give her a child and complete her dream of having three children.