Teyana Taylor Dragged after Taking 3-Year-Old Daughter to Pride Parade

Teyana Taylor shared images from her attendance at New York's Pride Parade with her daughter and got heavily slammed for it. "That is not a place for kids!!" one commenter scolded. 

At the beginning of the year, Teyana Taylor shouted out to the world that she was grateful to the LGBTQ community for a lot of things including teaching her about self-love. Coinciding with that, she released a music video that paid tribute to the community that loved her and she loved back. 


And because she is and will always be one with the LGBTQ, Teyana took time out last week to join the Pride festivities and even brought her daughter along. It was a moment she was proud of but some choose to look down upon. 

Teyana glowed in red-orange hair and a colorful outfit when she graced New York’s Pride parade. She shared images from her participation which also included her three-year-old daughter, Junie Schumpert joining her in raising a rainbow-colored flag.   

“So honored to stand alongside & celebrate #worldpridescreaming loud and wearing proud with my MAC Family & my bug @babyjunie4,” the singer wrote to caption her slide show then expressed her undying love for the LGBTQ world. 

“To the whole LGBTQ community you know my love run endless for you. I stand with you, I love you.”

Taking your child to the pride parade is out of line. Your exposing them to mad sex and nudity.


The 28-year-old’s post of love was soon tainted with hate when some followers on her Instagram slammed her for taking her daughter to the parade. A user who went by the name @_kissinkarma berated her by writing, 

“Stop taking kids to pride that is NOT a place for kids!! ( & the gay part has nothing to do with it) the fact that it’s naked ppl all over pride ; kids do not belong at pride!”

Another chimed in and explained further.

“Taking your child to the pride parade is out of line. Your exposing them to mad sex and nudity. And don't act like the Pride parade is basically just a rainbow orgy that happens to be televised. I've been the pride parade and it's extremely raw and wild. So yes all of that will influence them. It may make them think man and man is right, or it may confuse them.”

Others were kinder and simply asked why Teyana would bring her child to the event.

“Not here to criticize but do you think you should be exposing you child to that and why?"

Teyana didn’t respond to the commotion though a lot of her followers came to her defense. They reasoned the singer was simply teaching her child acceptance and love.  


This was also the same situation actress Ellen Pompeo found herself in when she shared an image of her daughter’s rainbow-colored manicure to express her support during Pride weekend. She also received a lot of flak for involving her child in her cause at such a young age. Like Teyana, Ellen didn’t respond to the criticisms because she’s already vocalized her love for the LGBTQ community in more ways than one.

Teyana and Ellen are mothers who don’t see any reason why their children shouldn’t be exposed to the gay community. They know where they stand and they share that with their daughters in the hope that they would one day see the world the way they do. This mindset may not be shared by other mothers but they are their daughters’ mothers and they have a right to decide what’s best for them. 

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