Barack Obama Congratulates US Women's Soccer Team on 4th World Cup Victory

Former President of the United States Barack Obama congratulates the US Women's Soccer Team for their World Cup victory, expressing love for the team. 

He and Michelle Obama took to Twitter to congratulate the US Women's national team on their Fourth FIFA Women's World Cup last Sunday. The team defeated the Netherlands during their match in Lyon, France ending 2-0.

A Show of Support

While Women's Football doesn't get as much attention as Men's, the Obamas made sure to let the US Women's National Team feel that they are loved. They expressed how proud they are of the team, and said that they are an inspiration to other Americans who push themselves, and others, to be even better. 

The couple shared their insights on social media, which sparked other people to do the same.

Instead of just wishing the team well, they've showered them a whole lot more love thanks to the chain reaction they started, in hopes of this being a consistent show of support for the Women's Football team.


Controversy at the World Cup

A couple of days prior to the championship match, David Beckham stirred some controversy during one of the elimination games after kissing his seven-year-old daughter Harper on the lips. 

The former football star of Manchester United and Real Madrid received a lot of criticism from concerned fans who are saying that kissing a child on the lips is inappropriate. 

This is not the first time the Beckhams were called out for such an act, as back in 2016, David was also spotted kissing his daughter, which sparked a debate on whether parents should be doing that or not. 

Enjoying the sport they love

Regardless of what their fans think, David and Harper attended the World Cup match to enjoy some classic football, especially since it's Harper that's most likely to follow in her dad's footsteps and become a football player one day. 

Who knows, she was actually watching her future team which she'll help towards a championship in the next decade or so. 

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