Grace Kelly's Granddaughter Charlotte Casiraghi Bears a Striking Resemblance to Her Grandmother

19-year-old Camille Gottlieb shares a striking resemblance with her famous grandmother, Grace Kelly!

Indeed, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree; in terms of looks, Grace Kelly’s granddaughter seems to be her replica. 

Although Grace may have died long before Camille was born, and did not get an opportunity to see her granddaughter, one blessing that did not evade her was the ability to pass down her best qualities!

The series of Instagram uploads testify to the fact that both women look similar. The 19-year-old has continued to serenade images of herself on the internet, and even go as far as to also recreate poses of her grandmother, in her photographs. 

Her followers have been constantly reminded of the beauty shared as Miss Gottlieb never ceases to show off the distinct features shared. Both women have sharp blue eyes, what's more? Well, they also have the same unique sense for charity!

Camille happens to be the last child of her mother, Princess Stephanie Of Monaco. That’s not the intriguing part; the granny lookalike is a product of an affair between her mother and an ex-palace guard, Jean-Raymond Gottlieb!

Irrespective of the circumstances surrounding her birth, which ultimately stripped her off any royal title as she is not blue blood; Camille has stopped at nothing to carve a niche for herself and thrive in the spotlight.

However, the youngster decided not to thread in her grandmother’s career path as an actress and has not revealed what keenly interests her, undoubtedly she will do justice and bring on her A-game in delivery as she brings in to nearly everything she does.

The resemblance is not the only thing shared by the duo, their experience and involvement with charities show how much of a family Camille is, even though she is not a royal. 

She is not the only one who looks like Grace; 23-year-old Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet, who is a fashion stylist, and granddaughter to the American actress, shares similar features with her granny! Both Graces’ even love traveling.

Seemingly, two of Hollywood star’s grandchildren are not into the movie industry, but one happens to have tailed the movie line, and that is a 32-year-old Charlotte Casiraghi, who is also Grace's grandchild. . 

Grace may be no more, but she is forever ingrained in the hearts of her loved ones, and her lookalike daughter serves as a constant reminder to even her fans!  

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