Melissa McCarthy Is a Doting Wife and a Mom of Two Beautiful Daughters

The wife of actor and filmmaker Ben Falcone is renowned for her amazing comic timings and acting skills, but she is also a loving mother of two daughters.

Married to Falcone since 2005, McCarthy is also a proud mother of 11-year-old Vivian and 9-year-old Georgette. She gave birth to Vivian in 2007, and three years later welcomed Georgette into the world.

McCarthy and Falcone are used to collaborating over their Hollywood projects over the years. As a result, their children as well soon started to take an interest in their parents’ careers.

Then, a few years back, in 2016, the Falcone kids finally appeared in their parents’ movie titled “The Boss.”

According to McCarthy, her children were so eager to do the movie that they kept asking her about it for several months, but she denied their request initially.

The actress revealed that her elder daughter then insisted by saying, “Am I not allowed to even try?”

McCarthy told E Online, "She's very smart and I said, 'That's good, you went right to it because I certainly can't say you're not allowed to try.’ So we spent the next month seeing really if she'd do it. She did great."

As soon as Vivian was confirmed for the movie, Georgette also wanted to become a part of it, she further explained. They had to agree.

However, both Falcone and McCarthy agree that their children will not be appearing in many movies anytime soon.

They made it clear to their children that they allowed to do it once again right after college.

The movie, which was released in April that year, featured McCarthy in the role of Michelle Darnell, a businesswoman facing a prison sentence for insider trading. The movie was directed and co-written Falcone.

In the movie, Vivian played the role of a seven-year-old version of McCarthy’s character. Georgette appeared as a young girl working in McCarthy’s character’s brownie company.

McCarthy is definitely impressive as a mom and an actress. However, earlier this year, she impressed her fans for a completely different reason.

During the SAG Awards in January, McCarthy stunned her fans by revealing her amazing weight loss.

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