R. Kelly's Daughter Jaah Talks Coming out at 14: 'I Was so Scared'

R. Kelly's daughter Jaah Kelly, now reveals that she identifies herself as a lesbian.

Adolescence is a complex and confusing stage in anyone's life, and for R. Kelly‘s daughter, Jaah Kelly, it was complicated by having to deal with her conflicted gender identity.

Jaah declared herself transgender, but has now rejected that label, and openly embraces her homosexuality.


At 14, Jaah, came out as a trans male in a video she posted online and introduced herself as Jay Kelly.

“When I was younger, I always felt like I had to make a choice. I knew that I was a girl who liked other girls. But because of what I was taught, I felt like the only way you could like another girl is if you were a boy,” she revealed

Unlike her sister Joan and her mother Andrea Lee Kelly, Jaah hasn't commented on her famous father’s ongoing sexual abuse case.


But instead of feeling liberated by revealing herself as transgender, Jaah found herself plunging into depression and spent three weeks in treatment at a  psychiatric hospital.


Now, at 18, Jaah identifies herself as a woman, and a lesbian. She is no longer R. Kelly's son, she is his child. She is rejecting labels as reductive and refuses to qualify her truth with a forcibly limited vocabulary. She is what she is.

Jaah has revealed that she is indifferent to how the world sees her or identifies her gender-wise. She has come to terms with her own identity,

“I identify as a lesbian, I know I like girls, but that’s as far as I’ll go to label myself. It’s up to you how you see me. Either way, I don’t care. I stand in my truth, and why does my truth need a label?” ” Jaah said.

Unlike her sister Joan and her mother Andrea Lee Kelly, Jaah hasn't commented on her famous father’s ongoing sexual abuse case.


Faced with the scandal triggered by the "Surviving R. Kelly" documentary that blew the cover off the R&B star's decades-long career of sexual abuse of underage girls, Jaah Kelly has refused to comment.

Her mother Andrea and her sister Joan have been interviewed and expressed their sympathy for the victims.

Andrea opened up about the abuse she suffered at her ex-husband's hands, but Jaah seems to be channeling her pain and her emotions into her music.

Jaah has been sharing her music on social media, and a release of an album is said to be imminent.

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