July 12, 2019

Comic Bill Bellamy's Son Is Dad's Twin in White Outfit as He Turns 13

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Bill Bellamy gushes over how grown up his son is sharing a photo of their twinning moment on the boy's happy 13th. The comedian looked dashing next to his handsome son. 

“This can’t be real,” said Bill Bellamy who celebrated his son’s 13th birthday in awe. 



Bill took to his Instagram this week to take a sweet moment and pay tribute to his son, Baron who’s now on his teenage years.  The photo the comedian shared saw father and son twinning in white. Baron wore a lapelled coat while his father donned a more casual jacket. 

“OMG! My dude is a teenager!” Bill wrote to caption the birthday pic. It’s plain to see why he would be overcome with emotion. Baron registered as a dashing young man. He smiled next to his father who looked equally handsome at 54. 

One year clearly saw a big change in Baron.


“So much fun watching him grow and learn. What a journey!!” he continued. “So happy to be your Dad and being there for you as you mature into a young Man. Let’s Go!!! BB!!! #BB13

“Becoming a dad was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.”


It was the same time last year when Bill’s wife, Kristin Baker shared a photo of father and son on the boy’s 12th birthday. One year clearly saw a big change in Baron.  Check out last year's photo below.



Bill has always been very proud of his role as a father. He once said, “Becoming a dad was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.” This is because, according to him, it gives him “a sense of responsibility, love, and accomplishment.”


The “Def Comedy Jam” star is a father to two children he refers to as AM and FM. His daughter, Bailey is 16 and he describes her as “delicate.” Meanwhile, he says Baron is sensitive like his sister but possesses a different kind of energy.  



As devoted as he is at being a father, the actor is also a faithful husband who’s been married to his beautiful wife for close to eighteen years. They wed just five months after meeting and look how that turned out. Their social media posts are a testament to how solid their relationship is. 

Happy birthday Baron and we salute you Bill!