Julia Roberts and Husband Danny Moder Are the Parents of 3 Beautiful Kids - Meet All of Them

Comfort Omovre
Jul 20, 2019
01:29 P.M.
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Actress Julia Roberts and her husband, Daniel Moder have three beautiful children together; the twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus and 11-year-old Henry.


Julia Roberts, one of the prominent actresses of our generation, met her husband Danny Moder, on the set of "The Mexican" back in 2002.


Danny Moder is a camera operator and cinematographer. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and began his career in Hollywood 1995, as a production assistant  for the movie “Crimson Tide.”

The couples' relationship was very low-key, so much so that rather than wearing a grand engagement ring, Julia opted for a modest emerald ring that was reportedly purchased for around £3,000.

Roberts gushing about her marriage to cinematographer Danny Moder, she said getting married to Danny was one of the three ­turning points in her life because she found what the perfect match for her was.

The couple said their vows at Julia's ranch in New Mexico, July 2002 and now have three children; the twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus and 11-year-old Henry. The 'Pretty Woman' star admitted to being a strict mother in interviews.


In an interview with The Sun, the Academy Award winner revealed that she banned her three kids from social media while also restricting their screen time. She said:

“...Because I don’t really understand what they need that for right now.”

 Roberts admits to holding various family meetings with the kids while trying not to expose them to the "pressures" of modern life Roberts, 51, told the paper, 

“It’s interesting trying to raise kids in this day because it’s all so new — the pressures, the resources, having the world in your hand like that.”


The "Pretty Woman" star said although she's a strict mum, she rarely loses her temper with her kids. She emphasizes the importance of boundaries and that she'd rather have a conversation with them than rage and scream on the little ones.

“If something happens, I don’t really punish them; I prefer to have conversations with them. I think my serious face is punishment enough.”

Despite being branded "America’s Sweetheart" early on in her career, the prolific actress maintains a pretty low profile. She enjoys a continuous and active career but doesn’t ever take on projects that will keep her from her husband, Daniel Moder, or her kids for too long.