Brad Paisley Gives Teenager Sophie Pecora the AGT Golden Buzzer for Her Incredible Singing

Country star Brad Paisley has given his Golden Buzzer to "America’s Got Talent" singer Sophie Pecora for her mind-blowing performance.

The 15-year-old took the stage with her guitar to perform her original song called "Misfits," which talks about how words affect individuals. After her emotional performance, Paisley, 46, chose her to advance to the live shows. 

"I think that I know you from that one song," said Paisley. "That’s incredible to stand up there with just a guitar. That takes incredible cajones. I don’t think there’s a more important issue now that social media is this thing that’s pervasive. You have schooled so many people in this moment."

The "Mud on the Tires" singer then slammed on the golden buzzer, sending Pecora straight into the live rounds. 

“It was the combination of her talent, and where she was in the show, and the idea that what she has is a talent.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Paisley said, “It was the combination of her talent, and where she was in the show, and the idea that what she has is a talent."

Talking about the responsibility of his Golden Buzzer, he explained, “I went in there, realizing you had this one sort of lifeline that you could throw out and guarantee the person a path forward."

“I realized that she was this talent as a voice in her grade," he continued. "We’re talking about an age group that needs somebody to be able to sort of put into words what that’s like, and that’s pretty rare.”

Paisley, who has sold more than 11 million albums and has won three Grammy Awards, likewise cheered Pecora for remaining true to herself.

“Her song that got her to my night was also great. She’s quirky, she’s not the type that stands up there and belts out something like a Whitney Houston song. Those are easy for everybody to leap to their feet and move on to the next round,” he said. “It’s something she wrote, it’s brand new, it’s exactly from her heart. It’s got some wisdom, and she’s sort of soft-spoken.”

Pecora first touched the hearts of many people with her original composition “7th Grade,” which talks about overcoming bullying in school.

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