Donnie Wahlberg of 'Blue Bloods' Is a Loving Son to Mom Alma (Photo)

Donnie Wahlberg might be a fierce, no-nonsense detective on “Blue Bloods,” but in real life, he is loving and doting son to his mom, Alma.

Donnie Wahlberg is a lot of things, but most people know him as the detective who would do anything to close his case and bring a suspect to justice on “Blue Bloods.”


In real life, the actor is a loving and doting son to his mother, Alma. Like most parent-child relationship, the two share a close bond, and Wahlberg took to Instagram to show off his love for his mom.

He shared a photo of the two of them smiling for the camera with their love and affection evident. The TV star dressed in a black shirt, baseball cap with sunglasses perched on top, kept his head close to Alma's.

The older woman wore a white V-neck shirt, and her son captioned the photo, “The wall says it all,” referring to the writing on the wall behind them.

It had the word, “Family” written alone, and underneath it were the words, “One of God's greatest masterpiece;” a sentiment shared by the actor who is #TeamAlma.


Wahlberg owes his mother a depth of gratitude as she single-handedly raised him and his eight siblings, including movie star, Mark Wahlberg. Of the nine children Alma gave to birth to from the age of 18, she lost only the eldest, Debbie, who passed away in 2003.

In an appearance during the 2018 “TODAY” show special, “Through Mom’s Eyes,” the matriarch of the Wahlbergs' said when she became a mom, all she did was love her children, and for the things she didn’t know, the mom-of-nine said:

“I learned along the way.”

Alma revealed that her children call her every day no matter where they are in the world, and she recalled that when Wahlberg joined “New Kids on the Block,” he told her it became possible because she pushed and encouraged him to do it.


The “Blue Blood” star who developed a passion for rap at 15, recorded four albums with NKOTB before leaving to pursue a film career.

He recently visited Maurice Starr, who created the band with some of his bandmates, and afterward, he wrote on social media that if everyone had someone like the Florida native to fight and believe in them, then the world would have nothing but love.

Wahlberg understands the power of love, and he shows it to his siblings, his two sons, Xavier and Elijah, step-son, Evan, and Alma.

He’s done all he can to repay his mother’s love, which is why Alma ended her interview with “TODAY” with the words,

“I took care of them, now they take care of me.”

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