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Fantasia Narrates How She Met Her 'King' Kendall Taylor on 5th Anniversary

Mary Scott
Jul 19, 2019
09:20 A.M.
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It’s been five years of marital bliss for Fantasia Barrino-Taylor, and after all the singer has been through in the past, she couldn’t help getting emotional in a tribute.


Fantasia and her husband, Kendall Taylor, tied the knot secretly five years ago. At the time, it was only after three weeks of dating, so they both have cause to celebrate for making it this far in love.


The “American Idol” alum recently took to Instagram with a throwback photo of her and her husband matching in white outfits.

“5 years ago we met here in Charlotte (Queen City), and I invited you to my Big Dirty 30 Birthday Party in DC,” she began, taking a trip down memory lane.

“That night, I walked through the middle of the floor with so many people who had supported me over the years surrounding me. I could hear them but I only had my eyes on you l. I mean we were locked, eye to eye. I knew then you would be my Protector, my Homie, my Lover and my Best Friend.”

“Look at the picture; it says it all (that night in DC),” she added. “Happy Anniversary King. We are 5 years in this thing.”



Kendall also celebrated their special day on his Instagram page, sharing several pictures of the duo and penning a lengthy note that summed up their love.

“Our story is still being written Queen,” Kendall declared, before reminding Fantasia how far they’ve come from five years ago when they tied the knot as two broken people.


“May your butterflies continue to disrupt any moment of complacency and my security inspire you to continue to free-fall for many years to come,” he continued, adding mischievously:

“I must say, ‘Taylor’ looks damn good on you Sexy!”



Fantasia did not go public with news of her marriage until 2015, leading many to believe that was the year she and Kendall became man and wife.

Years later, however, it became clear that the Taylors tied the knot in 2014. While making an anniversary post in 2017, the “Enough” singer admitted: “Most people think it's only been two years, but I'm about to jump up and run around this room giving God all the praise because it's been THREE!!!”

Source: Instagram/Fantasia Taylor (@tasiasword)



Deciding to keep her marriage secret is not strange considering that before meeting Kendall, Fantasia went through hell in the name of relationships.

When she won “American Idol” in 2004, Fantasia already had a three-year-old daughter, Zion Barrino, whom she gave birth to as a teenager.

Fantasia was also sexually molested in her early teens, so it hadn’t exactly been a smooth ride for the North Carolina native. Unfortunately, fame and fortune didn’t seem to make things easier.

Fantasia Barrino and Zion, 4, at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom on Aug. 8, 2005 in Florida. | Photo: Getty images



In 2010, Fantasia was embroiled in a messy scandal after she was accused of sleeping with a married man. Fantasia insisted that she was only with the man after he was separated from his wife, but it didn’t seem to repair the damage done to her reputation, especially when, in December of 2011, she welcomed the product of that relationship, son Dallas Xavier.



2014 was another tumultuous year for Fantasia after Zion’s father, Brandel Shouse, sued her for custody of their daughter, claiming he was a better parent.

Fantasia promptly fired back, calling him “a deadbeat sperm donor,” and revealing that he’s never provided any form of financial support for Zion.

Nothing more was heard of the case, and Fantasia recently posed for a photograph with Shouse at their daughter’s high school graduation, so it appears all is resolved.

Zion Barrino and her parents. | Photo: Instagram/Fantasia Taylor (@tasiasword)



After going through hell and back, Fantasia must be thrilled to have a man she can proudly call her “protector” and making it to half a decade is something worth celebrating. What’s more? Fantasia and Kendall were treated to an anniversary breakfast by her 17-year-old daughter, Zion.

Zion Barrino making an anniversary breakfast for Fantasia & Kendall Taylor. Photo: Instagram Story/Fantasia Taylor (@tasiasword)

Happy Anniversary, ‘Tasia!


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