Daily Joke: Old Man Decides to Go to the Doctor to Get Viagra and His Wife Is Worried

Olowokandi Fiyin
Jul 20, 2019
11:11 A.M.
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Big pop probably thinks he is not too old to keep kicking, but his wife isn't taking any chances.


On a fateful afternoon, a man in his mid-eighties and his wife were sitting in their living room as usual. In their old age, they rarely stressed themselves, considering that they were still reaping from their youthful investments.

Old couple seating together | Photo: Flickr


All they did was eat, chat, and maybe stroll out of the house once in a while. Then, out of the blue, big old gramps started dressing up.

Shocked by this unusual development, his wife asked:

"Where are you going?"

Old man walking over a bridge | Photo: Pixabay


At first, the man didn't want to answer, but as expected of his wife, she persisted. He grudgingly replied:

"I am going to the doctor."

His wife noticed she didn't see him showing any unusual symptoms, but she went ahead to ask him if he was sick. Then he gave the unexpected reply.

"Nope," he replied to the question asking if he was sick and added: "I'm going to get me some of that Viagra stuff."

Old couple talking | Photo: Pixabay


There was a silent pause between the old couple. His wife was trying to catch his gaze to see whether he was serious. After she confirmed he was actually sincere, she got up from her rocker and immediately started to get dressed too.

Old couple talking | Photo: Pixabay


Shocked, he asks her, "Where the hell are you going?" and then the wife replies that she's also paying the doctor a visit. The old man wanted to stop asking questions, but he could not set aside the urge to.

"Why, what do you need?" he asks

Old couple walking together | Photo: Pixabay

Again, there was a silent pause, much longer than the first when he told his wife why he was going to the doctor. Once again, his wife stares into his face, this time with a crude smile and replies:

"If you're going to start using that rusty old thing, I'm getting a tetanus shot"