Blac Chyna's Mom Threatens to ‘Knock’ Wendy Williams' 'Face Off', Claims She Does Coke

Wendy Williams may be better off keeping her distance from Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni who threatened to “knock her [expletive] face off” in a recent Instagram Live rant. 

It was only last month when Wendy Williams shared happy times with Tokyo Toni and her daughter, Blac Chyna at the pride parade in Los Angeles. Williams and Toni were even photographed together. But that happy phase appears to have been short-lived after Williams earned the ire of Toni who’s out for her blood and even exposed her cocaine use. 


Toni took the offensive after Williams slighted her during her 55th birthday celebration on her talk show. During her controversial hot topics segment, the host reacted to Toni’s relationship with Chyna which was recently featured on the latter’s new reality show, “The Real Blac Chyna.” 

The uncut show produced by Zeus network shed light on Toni’s abusive streak towards her daughter. She challenged Chyna to a physical fight and even urged her to kill herself.

"The former adult dancer received a lot of negative comments from viewers who didn’t appreciate her kind of mothering."

Having forged a friendship with Chyna the past months, Williams couldn’t help but sympathize with her while discussing Toni’s abuse. Williams suggested that she may be treating her daughter that way because Chyna was a product of a one-night-stand.

"...somebody tell her, when I see you [expletive] Ima get a charge! Ima bust your [expletive].”


Not one to be silenced, Toni unleashed a mouthful when she went live on Instagram to respond to Williams’ comments. Her expletive-filled rant threatened Williams in every way possible. “‘When I see her, Ima knock her [expletive] face off!” she says. Ima pretend like I like her and then when I get to her Ima get a charge in this [expletive], somebody tell her, when I see you [expletive] Ima get a charge! Ima bust your [expletive].”


Toni further accused Williams of lying about her and later exposed the talk show host’s cocaine use. 

“You said I cried? [expletive] when we walked in you was sniffing coke [expletive]. Eyes was big. ‘Tokyo I’m sorry.’ You hugged me cause I ain’t no sucker like that [expletive]. That’s why I ain’t post nothing about that [expletive] [expletive] Cause I don’t [expletive] with you.”


Williams wasn’t the only one who called out Toni’s behavior towards Chyna. In fact, the former adult dancer received a lot of negative comments from viewers who didn’t appreciate her kind of mothering. This prompted her to announce that she would no longer be appearing on the show’s second season if it gets to that. 

Toni was previously ecstatic over sharing the limelight with her daughter on the new reality show. She even hosted a party before it premiered. Now it looks like the show just caused her more problems as she’s painted as the villain in it. 

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