Theresa Caputo Flaunts Toned Legs and Ankle Tattoos in Ripped Shorts and Hot Red Blazer

The “Long Island Medium” star showed off her glamorous side by flaunting a bold and fashion-forward ensemble.

53-year-old Theresa Caputo donned a red, hot blazer over a white top and ripped shorts in a stunning new photo she posted on her official Instagram page.

Besides sporting her iconic hairdo, the blonde medium also wore several rings on her finger and a pair of red stilettos for her feet.


Her outfit allowed her to show off her fit body and, especially, her toned legs. Her tattoos were also visible at the ankle.

She updated her fans about her work with a caption to the post that read: “So far amazing. Doing work things.” She further added hashtags “Long Island Medium” and “Red Is The New Black.”

Caputo’s post, which has received around 67,000 likes so far, received several comments from her fans, who were quick to express how gorgeous she looks in the photo.

Fan's comment on Theresa Caputo's post. | Source: Instagram/theresacaputo

Fan's comment on Theresa Caputo's post. | Source: Instagram/theresacaputo

Several others also commented about her hairstyle with many fans suggesting her to try a different style. However, Caputo did not respond to such comments.

Fan's comment on Theresa Caputo's post. | Source: Instagram/theresacaputo

Fan's comment on Theresa Caputo's post. | Source: Instagram/theresacaputo


While Caputo’s appearance was widely appreciated by social media users, her daughter, Victoria, previously suffered a huge blow after being body-shamed regarding her weight.

Despite being attacked by bullies, Victoria remained brave and addressed her haters through another Instagram post.

She admitted to having gained some weight in recent times and having “insecurities” about it. However, she stressed the fact that this doesn’t “change [her]as a person.”

 “Plus I’m sure there will be a day that will come and [I] will shed this weight but as of now, this is what it is. So for all of you who want to keep commenting about the way [I] look, just don’t. Worry about yourself because your comment [isn’t] going to make you any better of a person,” she wrote.


Caputo and her daughter appear on the TLC reality show, “Long Island Medium,” where the medium establishes a connection with the departed souls and helps people communicate with their dead family members or friends.

Previously, a few doubters raised questions over her readings claiming it to be generic and repetitive. 

However, in an exclusive interview, she opened up about her gift and slammed the critics who called it fake by arguing that “there are only so many ways that people can die.”

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