August 05, 2019

TMZ: A$AP Rocky Reportedly Back in the US after Being Released from a Swedish Jail

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A$AP Rocky has been released from Swedish jail after being detained for weeks and is now recuperating in the US. 

A$AP Rocky says he is never heading back to Sweden after his traumatic experience of being detained for weeks over a brawl he claims only happened because he decided to protect himself. 


Rocky left Sweden hours after judges decided to free him until they finalize their ruling, which is set to be given through a letter, on August 14. 


However, everything seems to be going in Rocky's favor, as they allowed him to leave the country even without the final ruling. Meanwhile, prosecutors tried to keep him in jail saying he was a "flight risk." 

Bad Experiences in Sweden

Regardless, TMZ reports that the rapper pledged never go back to Sweden. 

He isn't the only rapper to do so, as hit rappers like Quavo and Snoop Dogg revealed that they've had similar experiences with Swedish cops, and they vowed never to visit the country again. 


Likewise, President Donald Trump made sure to take matters into his own hands, working towards A$AP's release. 


The Controversial Brawl

As for what really happened, Rocky shared a video of the incident on Instagram, saying the men were harassing him by following him and his crew for four blocks, and they were even harassing women in the process. His side was that he was acting on self-defense. 


Meanwhile, the other party claims that Rocky and his crew assaulted them for no reason, which the prosecutor at first sided with. 

However, as the trial went by, it seems the prosecutors were finally convinced that Rocky was indeed a victim in the situation, as they allowed him to go home after being detained for weeks. 


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