August 18, 2019

Daily Joke: A Man Took His Daughter to Work with Him

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A working father took his daughter to work, on “Take Your Kid to Work” day, and her reaction was over and beyond what he expected.

A working father got excited after the company he worked for declared a “Take Your Kid to Work Day.” He decided he would take his 8-year-old daughter, and show her where daddy works.

Photo of a young girl sitting on her father's laps, smiling | Photo: Shutterstock.com


He was so excited he could not wait for the day to arrive. The proud father pictured how awesome it would be to show his little girl around his office; he never considered for one moment that something could go wrong.

On the appointed day, the father and daughter duo left their home excited, and in high spirits, but things soon took an unexpected turn after they arrived at the company.

The father showed his daughter around thinking she would be proud of her papa, but instead, she wore a gloomy face and started crying. Dumfounded, the man asked the little girl what the problem was, but she refused to answer.

All his attempts to get his daughter to stop crying proved abortive. The little girl’s crying intensified and got the attention of her father’s colleagues who gathered around them. 


Little girl hugging her working dad | Photo: Shutterstock.com

At this point, confusion mixed with embarrassment, and the man couldn’t understand how things could have gone so wrong, considering he had high expectations. He decided to try again to find out what made his daughter sad. In a gentle voice, the father asked his child what was wrong; he said,


“Sweetie, tell daddy what’s wrong.” 

The little girl took a deep breath, calmed herself for a second, and focusing accusatory eyes on her father, she said,

“Daddy, you said you worked with a bunch of clowns, where are they?”

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Source: Startsat60