10 Times Fantasia's Love for Husband Kendall Taylor Tugged at Our Heartstrings

Kendall Taylor seems to love his woman deeply and she’s basking in the glow. Here are 10 times Fantasia's expression of love for her husband lit a glow in our hearts.

In 2003, a 19-year-old single mother and her brother drove from the projects of High Point, North Carolina to Georgia in pursuit of a dream. This young mom was sexually abused in high school and at 14 she had dropped out. By 17 she was pregnant and was unable to get a job, so she went on welfare.

Not much may have been going right in life for this Southern girl, but one thing she did have was a voice. Watching Ruben Studdard win the second season of “American Idol” sparked something within her. That’s how Fantasia Barrino ended up at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta to audition for season 3 of “American Idol.”

“Out of more than 40,000 people, I was the last person to audition,” Fantasia told Oprah back in 2007 as she recounted how she ended up on the show, which she ended up winning. Since then she’s released 6 albums, has written a book called “Life Is Not a Fairy Tale,” had her life story turned into a TV movie, and played Celie in the Broadway production of “The Color Purple.”


In 2015, Fantasia married Kendall Taylor. “Everything changed when I met him,” she told Billboard. “I just knew [he was the one],” revealed the mom of two. “I was getting ready to go on the road, and he got on his knees and said, ‘Can I pray for you? I just want to cover you down the road.’” Before they met, Fantasia had been fasting from relationships and her prayer had been for “someone that could cover me and my kids and be the man of the house.”

While the “Enough” singer admitted to xoNecole that it’s not all “peaches and cream,” she’s never looked happier and appears to be very much in love. Here are 10 times she gushed over her husband.

1. “I’d Do It Over and Over Again”

Fantasia and Kendall got married on July 18, 2015. The following year on Christmas Day they decided to tie the knot all over again. We’re talking about the whole nine yards – flowers, dress, tux. “It’s almost like I may have known you in another life,” wrote Fantasia.

2. “I Hate Leaving You”

The way Fantasia and her man are holding each other close before they say goodbye… Is this the “real love” Mary J. Blige was singing about? “When he speaks to me it’s almost like the world shuts up and I only hear his words,” wrote the singer.

3. “God Put Us Together For a Reason”

There’s no better way to flex than with the person you love. Fantasia and Kendall get that. “I’m not ashamed of who I was but I see who I’m now becoming and it’s all because of you,” the “American Idol” alum said.

4. “I Trust Him”

Fantasia has a man who “went from controlling the music on set to rushing over to keep me warm once we cut!” Sis, please share that prayer you made.

5. “I Love You, Dude”

For this wedding anniversary, Fantasia waxed lyrical about her man, and it’s beautiful to see how he’s changed her for the better. Sidebar: in this Instagram post, did this North Carolina native reveal that she’s been married a year longer than we all think?

6. “We Risked Everything”

We just love how Fantasia and Kendall coordinated their looks for the Grammys, where she, together with Yolanda Adams and Andra Day, paid tribute to Aretha Franklin with a joint performance.

7. “You Are The Best Gift”

Kendall went all out for his lady’s birthday, with a specially prepared breakfast, a gift, a lunch date, another gift, and a dinner date followed by – you guessed it – one more gift. “Today you made my day,” wrote Fantasia.

8. “Watching You Be The Man You’ve Never Seen… Melts My Heart”

For Father’s Day, Fantasia shared a video of Kendall giving a speech during what appears to be a high school graduation. “Watching you speak to those kids and taking the time after to love on them all blew my mind,” wrote the 35-year-old.

9. “Making Me Feel Like A Queen”

Last year, Fantasia wrote a song for Kendall for their anniversary. This year, Kendall outdid himself with a private fine dining experience for his “queen” who had spent 22 hours on set. And there was a beautiful cake to end the evening!

10. “Love”

What more can we say? Kendall seems to love his woman deeply and she’s basking in the glow. To quote Natalie Cole, we hope this will be an everlasting love for the two of them.

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