Todd Chrisley of 'Chrisley Knows Best' Pleads Innocence on Tax Evasion Charges

Todd Chrisley and his wife, Julie, find themselves facing up to thirty years of jail time after they were indicted on tax evasion charges.

Todd took to his Instagram page to post a lengthy write-up claiming innocence of any wrongdoing. 

Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley, stars of the reality television show, “Chrisley Knows Best,” were indicted on charges bordering on tax evasion and bank fraud.

Todd spoke about the indictment for the first time via a lengthy post on his Instagram page, in which he claimed innocence of any wrongdoing. 


Todd posted a picture of him surrounded by family members, and beside the picture was a lengthy statement written by Todd and his family in which they stated their innocence and asked for prayers from fans.

In the note, Todd explained that he had never spoken about the issue before now, but felt the need to do so due to the huge cloud hanging over him, his wife, and his family for seven years.

He said the issues began in 2012 when they discovered that a trusted employee of theirs had been stealing from them and was also using fake documents and their forged signatures to rip them off.

When they fired the so-called employee, he ran to the U.S attorney’s office to accuse them of tax evasion, bringing fake documents to back his claims. It was eventually discovered that it was all false, and the Chrisleys were let go.

The former employee didn’t stop there either, as he convinced a new set of investigators to reopen the case and also grant him immunity from facing the charges the Chrisleys had against him. This prompted the new 11-counts charge leveled against him and his wife. 

Todd, however, stated that his family were not guilty of any crime and had done everything according to the law. He also expressed confidence that their innocence would be proven when the case begins in court, and that there were enough hard evidence and eye witness accounts to prove so.

Todd also appreciated all those who have contributed to the family’s success. The statement ended with a call from the Chrisleys for prayers from their fans. 


Todd and his wife are not the only Chrisleys with a legal battle in their hands. Todd’s son, Chase Chrisley was also accused of having unpaid taxes.

The 23-year-old was charged by the State of Georgia of owing $16,000 worth of payable taxes. He has until 2026 to pay the tax. 

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Part 3 -There are no longer dinners with family in public without interruption, to which we always oblige because we owe that to you. You all helped place us where we are today. Our home has become a tourist attraction to where we can't step outside to grab the mail in our Pajamas because someone is always taking a photo. Men have tried to force themselves into our homes to meet us. They have pulled Grayson from the front door and forced him to take a photo with their child.There was a man trying to abduct savannah from her college. Police have had to get involved for stalking. There have bee lies told about us daily because our name sells papers. Our name causes you to click on stories that are fabricated so they can collect fees for every click you make. There are people claiming to know us that we have never met. There are fake accounts being made to lure fans to that page thinking its us. Yet, through all this and so much more, we continue to rise above. We tell the truth about our lives and will continue to do so.And all because we want everyone to know that we are just like YOU. We have the same issues in our lives that all of you have. We struggle with family friction. We have struggled with addiction, betrayal, heartbreak, shame, fear and financial setbacks but we did it together. We can fight amongst each other but we will fight anyone together to protect our family, just as you would. We are NOT better than anyone. We are all the same in Gods eyes. We are not perfect nor do we claim to be;,but my commitment to you is that I will continue to grow, lead, feel, and embrace change while standing steadfast in my convictions of what truly matters to me and that is faith, family,equality and compassion for all mankind. With love and a heart full of gratitude. Todd

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The fans of the family would be hoping that Todd and Julie are proved innocent when court proceedings begin. 

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