Diana Ross Sings MJ's 'You Are Not Alone' to His Mother Katherine Jackson in New Video

Diana Ross sings "You Are Not Alone," dedicated to Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine. While anyone would be flattered to be serenaded by Diana Ross herself, Katherine Jackson looked unmoved. 

During her recent concert in Wynn, Las Vegas, Diana Ross was joined by Katherine Jackson as she sang "You Are Not Alone."

While it seemed as if Katherine was unmoved by Diana's gesture, it seems she was actually listening intently to her good friend. 

Diana Ross stood behind Jackson, who was sitting quietly on a wheelchair, as she belted the song away. 

Katherine's Dangerous Health Scare

While people seem to be bothered by the fact that Katherine was not responding to Diana, it is understandable that she doesn't react any other way, especially since she just suffered from a stroke. 

In April 2018, it was discovered that the Jackson family matriarch suffered a sudden stroke that had her family worried. 

Since then, they have been making the most out of the time they have with her, hoping to give her all the support she needs. 

The Jackson Family Matriarch

The mother-of-ten was in charge of taking care of her children and her grandchildren, especially since her son Michael Jackson died. 

In Michael's will, Katherine was his first choice to take care of his children in case he passed. However, he also specified that if ever she died before he did, he named Diana Ross as his second choice to take custody of his children. 

Diana's Place in Michael's Life

It turns out, Jackson knew Ross from since he was only 9 years old, and she became such an important figure in his life. He idolized Ross so much, that it was rumored he even tried to emulate her. 

Years after his death, Diana and the Jackson family continue to stay in touch, and the fact that Kathy joined Diana during her concert in Las Vegas just goes to show the lengths they would still go for each other. 

Despite her old age and despite her recent medical condition, the Jackson family has been trying to keep her in fit shape. 

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