August 26, 2019

Daily Joke: TV Licence Inspector Calls but the Homeowner's Wife Is in a Hurry

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A TV licence inspector calls at a house and demands to see the licence. However, the lady is in a rush to catch her bus.

As she flies down the stairs, she yells back, "I've got my licence. It's on the mantelpiece under the Wally Dug. Call back when my man's in, and he will show you."

Man writing on a book | Photo: Freepik


At the point when the inspector calls back later, her man says: "We have a licence, but I don't have the foggiest idea where it is, and my significant other's no in." 

The inspector says: "It's under the Wally Dug!"

The man with the licence responds: "Wow, that's some detection machine you guys have got!"

Woman standing outdoor | Photo: Pexels


If you roared with laughter, this another joke will keep you chuckling for more.

A young lady said that she didn't have a TV, and the inquiry officers inquired as to whether they could check. The lady said it was safe only as far as the corridor, as she would need to remove her cat, which was hateful and horrible towards outsiders. 

The officers said that they would take a risk. However, the lady insisted that it would be excessively dangerous, so the officers were left in the corridor while she vanished into the lounge. Right then and there, a cat showed up from the kitchen.

Man wearing suit jacket | Photo: Pexels


The officers stood rooted to the spot as this cat meowed and purred towards them and afterward began to stroke itself against their legs. 

Simultaneously, the movement of furniture could be heard from the lounge, just to be hindered by the occasional call of "come here Tilly, you naughty cat!" and "I've nearly caught him."

Woman covering her face | Photo: Pexels


At this point, the officers had picked the cat up and were playing with it. One of them called through the door, "What color is the cat?"

The lady replied, "Ginger, with a red collar."

The description absolutely coordinated that of the feline in the corridor. A moment later, the lady appeared saying that it was fine to enter, so the officer returned the cat to her, and retrieved the TV set from the balcony.

Cat sitting on the white table | Photo: Pexels

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