Inside the Surprising Friendship between Joan Rivers and Prince Charles

Comfort Omovre
Aug 25, 2019
03:20 A.M.
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Joan Rivers and Prince Charles might have been from different worlds, but they shared a friendship that lasted for over a decade, and only came to an end when the comedienne passed away.


When news of Prince Charles and Joan Rivers’ friendship comes to mind, what immediately follows is what could have connect the next in line to the British throne to an American comedienne, from Brooklyn. The answer is simple — comedy.


It’s no secret that the Prince of Wales is a lover of everything funny, and when he met Rivers in 2003, it was her wit that paved the way for their friendship. The two met while vacationing in the South of France, and got introduced by a mutual friend.

Rivers recounted the meeting years later in an interview, saying:

“We sat next to each other at a dinner party, and got friendly,” she added: “He’s a darling.”

Prince Charles meets with Joan Rivers | Image: Getty Images


The friendship between the comedienne and the Prince blossomed and extended to Duchess Camilla. When the Royals got married in 2005, Rivers had the honour of being one out of the four Americans invited to Windsor Castle. She also got several invitations to different royal events, including the Prince’s 60th birthday in 2008.

Joan Rivers during The Royal Wedding of HRH Prince Charles and Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles | Image: Getty Images


At the time, the Brooklyn native got to perform at the “Most Amused Comedy” Gala, where she used the Royal family to crack jokes.

The friendship between the two created an opportunity for Rivers to meet Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles sent her Christmas presents every year.

Joan Rivers discusses her friendship with Prince Charles on "THE VIEW" | Image: Getty Images


The “Fashion Police” host's close friend, Kathy Griffin, testified to their friendship in her book, “Celebrity Run-Ins,” and the comedienne reportedly got to spread her friend, Tommy Corcoran’s ashes at the Prince’s country estate of Highgrove. 

In an interview before River’s death, she said of Prince Charles:

“He is so far ahead of his time, and I think he will be an excellent monarch. He is a very smart man, and I adore him.”


That was in 2011, and when the E! host passed away after an out-patient procedure in 2014, His Royal Highness and Duchess Camilla got saddened by her demise.

In a statement released by Clarence House, the Royals said:

“Joan Rivers was an extraordinary woman with an original and indefatigable spirit. An unstoppable sense of humour and an enormous zest for life. She will be highly missed and utterly irreplaceable.”

Joan Rivers onstage during Comedy Central's "Roast of Joan Rivers" | Image: Getty Images

Rivers and Prince Charles' friendship is a testament that people from different worlds, only need to have something in common to connect. The comedienne might be dead, but her friend the Prince would always remember the woman he gave the nickname, Miss Potty Mouth.