Wolfgang the Obese Beagle's Weight Loss Journey

An obese beagle named Wolfgang is on a weight-loss journey which inspires healthy choices for dogs and people as well.

Erin McManis and her husband, Chad Schatz, began fostering Wolfgang in May from the Arizona Beagle Rescue. At that time he weighed almost 90 pounds.

"We had a real special connection with Wolfgang and really wanted to see him reach his weight loss."

McManis and Schat are determined to enable him to get thinner and inevitably locate a home. 

McManis decided to start an Instagram page to chronicle the dog's progress.

Wolfgang has a thyroid condition. He is taking medicine to help get that under control, as well as a vitamin supplement to keep him healthy.  

Aside from eating healthy foods, Wolfgang is additionally getting the right amount of exercise. In addition to taking regular walks, McManis is even helping him swim around in their pool.

In August, Wolfgang weighs 74 pounds and this month he shed another two pounds. 

"I'm now 72 pounds from a starting weight of about 90 pounds!!!" captioned a video showing Wolfgang being weighed. "What is even more important than the number on the scale is how good I feel; I have not been able to move like this in years."

Wolfgang's goal weight is around 25 pounds.

However, the vet wants to restudy the plan when he reaches 50 pounds.

In August, McManis and Schatz, who had fostered dogs previously, decided to adopt Wolfgang.

"We had a real special connection with Wolfgang and really wanted to see him reach his weight loss," McManis told TODAY.

Speaking about how famous Wolfgang has become, the attorney said:

"I never anticipated that happening. It was just a way to update people and bring some attention to Arizona Beagle Rescue."

McManis added that their only goal is to "bring awareness and let people know that dogs and shelters need to be rescued."

She's thrilled because Wolfgang inspires many people. 

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