Rapper Meek Mill Tweets about $70K Loss in Casino & Fans Get Mad

Meek Mill is having a rough week and sharing his pains via social media certainly didn't make it better for the rapper.

Rapper Meek Mill had a rough weekend as he ended up losing $70K at the gambling tables during a trip to New Orleans.

Mill took to his Twitter page to share the ill-fate he suffered at the casino, but he found no solace as fans attacked as reported by Celebrity Insider

"I just lost 70k in the casino. I'm sicccckkkkkkkk"

The songwriter's tweet has been retweeted 6,400+ times and liked almost 60,000 times.


The replies also came in droves as critics had several things to say to the "All Eyes on You" rapper. Several of the responses centered on how Mill could have put that money into helping others.

One particular tweeter had this to say:

"And some children are dying from hunger and poverty....smh. Clap for yourself."


Another critic was just as sick as Mill, but not for the same reason:

"The things I could do with 70k and this fool lost it all in one night. I'm sick."

A third critic wondered why Mill would spend so much at the tables when he could do this:

"Why don't you send it to me, bro? With just 1k, you can change someone's life."

But not every tweeter had an issue with Mill's loss. A particular follower was unbothered as he replied the rapper:

"Om, how that line go, "turn 62 to 125, 125 to 250, 250 to a half a mill, ain't nothing nobody can do with me."

Other followers saw the funny side to the songwriter's loss as one person aptly tweeted:

"I lost $20 at Walmart once, so yeah I know your pain."

A female tweeter just wanted some of that Mill loving as she said:

"You literally coulda paid off all my student loans with that, and I woulda showed you a wayyyyy better time than the casino! Do you hear me tho."

His casino bad-luck isn't the only thing Mill is mourning though, as Celebrity Insider reports that he recently pled guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge.  

The charge is related to his 12-year-old case which began after authorities detained him. Mill was 19 years old at the time of the arrest. The case was officially closed in August after the prosecutors presiding over the case dismissed the other charges

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