September 18, 2019

'Real' Co-Host Jeannie Mai Looks Happy While Hugging Rapper Boyfriend Jeezy in Sweet Photo

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Jeannie Mai shares an adorable photo with new boyfriend Jeezy at a local fast food joint, looking happy as ever a year after her split from ex-husband Freddy Harteis. 

Jeannie Mai has officially moved on from her messy split with ex-husband Freddy Harteis and has found love once again in the arms of rapper Jeezy.

The new couple has made sure to share a lot of time together, enjoying even the simplest things together such as dining at a local hotdog stand. 

Jeannie Mai at the red carpet in Planet Hollywood | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine


A Match Made in Heaven

In the photo, Mai, dressed in a black halter dress, hugs Jeezy as he places a loving hand on her head. The two clearly coordinated their outfits, only wearing black and white from head to toe.

Jeezy captioned his photo with what he likes about Mai, which is her hustle and ambition. 

"When she's just as hungry, with hustle & ambition... Mai G"


Their First Official Event

Mai, 40, and Jeezy, 41, have been spotted together numerous times in the past couple of months, but only made their official debut as a couple in late August. 

They attended Jeezy's inaugural SnoBall gala together and entered the event arm-in-arm, smiling at everyone around them. 


That night, Mai supported Jeezy, who received his second Phoenix Award for his contributions to Atlanta's youth, and to celebrate the release of his latest album, TM 104: Legend of the Snowman. 

Since then, the couple has been open about their relationship on Instagram, posting photos of one another whenever they please. 

Jeannie Mai and ex-husband Freddy Harteis | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine


The Beginning of their Relationship

They were first spotted out together back in January when Malika Haqq shared a group photo of the pair alongside herself and her boyfriend, and Trey Songz and Lori Harvey. Thanks to the photo, rumors started swirling of their relationship, and at the time, Jeannie only had this to say to her "The Real" co-hosts: 

“Jeezy and I hang out. He’s very special to me, so we don’t really have a label to define what it is we’re doing. We’re just having a good time together.”  

It seems a lot has changed since then, now that they've officially come out as a couple. 

Congratulations, Jeezy and Jeannie!